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The right tightening torque is essential when changing wheels on commercial and motor vehicles. That’s why professionals in a workshop need torque wrenches for screw connections that always achieve the highest precision – even with enormous stress and constant use. GEDORE offers professional tools that meet the high requirements for controlled tightening and provide a safe screw connection.

GEDORE’s DREMOMETER DR 8563-01 ¾ inch torque wrench is particularly suitable for wheel changes on commercial vehicles, while the TORCOFLEX UK Set ½ inch 3550- UK-LS4 is ideal for classic changes on a motor vehicle.

The robust yet lightweight DREMOMETER DR 8563-01 ¾ inch comes in a set with an aluminium extension tube and ensures safe and fast torque tightening over a range of 155Nm to 760Nm. The length independence of the torque wrench ensures error-free use. Regardless of whether the force is applied in the middle of the handle of the DREMOMETER or outside it, whether it is used with both hands or with the extension tube, the set torque is always achieved with absolute precision – without any change in values. The construction with an integrated forged lever reduces wear by reducing the load on the measuring mechanism, which ensures long-term accuracy and a long service life.

The single square with pin protection also enables controlled clockwise tightening, for instance in commercial vehicles, agricultural or construction machinery. Both the drive square and the pivot point are located on one axis, which means that the DREMOMETER can be used regardless of length, and a high level of application reliability is assured. The DREMOMETER can also be used with an aluminium extension tube, which facilitates the application of the required torque and so makes life easier for the user. Furthermore, the lightweight aluminium construction has a positive effect on the weight of the torque wrench, which also favours the application. For this purpose, the tube is comfortably secured over the clamping sleeve for quick and easy use.

The ergonomic handle design supports easy and safe use even with high tightening torques. The clear dual scale with a scale graduation of 10Nm and 10lbf/ft makes it easy to read the set torque value.

The five piece TORCOFLEX UK Set ½ inch 3550-UK-LS4 by GEDORE is predestined for wheel changes on motor vehicles. Precise and efficient handling is also the focus with this torque wrench. It offers controlled tightening over a range from 40Nm to 200Nm and is the optimum drive tool for socket inserts with a ½ inch square holder.

Thanks to the integrated clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation, the tool facilitates rapid working and controlled and repeatable clockwise tightening with ½ inch drive. The set scale value is easy to read from the scale (Nm) that is inserted above the handle.

The set also includes the practical ½ inch extension number 1990-5 and three impact sockets with protective sleeves in sizes 17mm, 19mm and 21mm. Even deep-lying screw connections can be reached with the extension. It also protects the surrounding body parts and provides more space for operation without the risk of injury or damage. Thanks to the plastic sheath around the impact socket, delicate surfaces such as aluminium or chrome-plates rims are also spared. The three protective sleeves are coded in different colours so that the right size can easily be identified: Black for 17mm, red for 19mm, and yellow for 21mm – another advantage for efficient working with the torque wrench set.

With both the DREMOMETER and the TORCOFLEX, the required torque is set and fixed precisely and easily using the handle or the end of the handle. The torque wrenches trigger automatically with a signal that can be clearly heard and felt by the user and are then immediately ready for use again.

Both torque wrenches are tested and certificated to DIN ISO 6789:2017-2. Set to a tripping accuracy of +/-3% of the scale set torque, they exceed the +/-4% required by the standard. Both items also come with a traceable test certificate. 

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