WDS expands quarter turn lock range 08 July 2024

An expanded quarter turn lock range from WDS Components now features a new design with additional cam sizes, including new offset dimensions up to 24mm, enabling use of locks with virtually any size door.

Quarter turn locks provide quick, secure fastening for a range of industrial and commercial applications, including workplace and changing room lockers, industrial cabinets and enclosures, machinery, HVAC systems, as well as office furniture. Named after the locking style, the fastener is operated with a 90° open or close turn.  

While the locks can be driven with a key alone, designs in the WDS range also include L handles and wing knobs. These designs provide increased grip and leverage to suit the door size and type, as well as environmental conditions – such as moisture and grease. 

For ease and flexibility of fitting, a wide range of lock sizes are available, enabling installation on practically any size or type of door. Each model features an industry standard 20mm lock barrel, combined with a 45mm long cam. To allow for door depths up to 34mm, various cam styles also feature an offset of up to 24mm. Hook cam designs also provide extra security by fastening onto a pin, while a compression cam style features a pin wheel that pulls the door shut to achieve a tighter lock. 

The devices are manufactured from a variety of materials, including zinc plated steel die cast – providing corrosion resistance and strength, as well as 304 stainless steel for extra corrosion resistance. A chrome-plated version reinforces against wear, while black and grey powder coatings add colour choices. WDS also provides a cost-effective plastic quarter turn lock range that is ideal for enclosures and cabinets. 

Additionally, to prevent ingress and add protection against moisture and dust, all WDS quarter turn lock designs feature a seal that provides IP65 protection. This prevents entry of dust as well as water from low pressure jets.  

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