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The Fastener + Fixing group of publications provides unrivalled coverage and perspective of the global fastening industry.

Since its launch 20 years ago, Fastener + Fixing Magazine has become the most respected publication dedicated to the industry. From its inception, our policy has been to deliver comprehensive, in-depth reporting on the fastener, fixing, and related markets, presenting news genuinely worthy of being read by the industry decision makers.

While Fastener + Fixing Magazine focuses exclusively on trade and manufacturing of fastening products, FastFixTechnology.com - an online news resource - is dedicated to original equipment manufacturers.

Bridging them both is FastFixSearch - a recognised sourcing guide for both trade and users. Fastener + Fixing Search is a valued reference for all facets of the industry. Users have the choice of the printed edition or accessing the online version at www.fastfixsearch.com

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Fastener + Fixing Magazine is dedicated to sustainability and that is why for a number of years we have partnered with a PEFC certified printer and ensured that our printed magazine is produced using PEFC certified paper.

The PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification. PEFC works throughout the entire forest supply chain to promote good practice in the forest and to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.

Buying from responsibly-managed forests means respecting the forest owners – large and small – to maintain biodiversity, productivity and regeneration capacity. In Europe, where almost all primary forests are protected, paper comes from sustainably managed forests where the cycle of planting, growing and harvesting is carefully controlled.

The PEFC’s distinctive ‘green trees’ logo (included on page 8 of every printed magazine) is a truly global brand and means customers and consumers are able to identify that every magazine is from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.


Alongside guaranteeing that the magazine is produced using sustainably managed forests and controlled sources, we have also ensured that the plastic delivery bags used for every magazine is made from recyclability material and is also bio-degradeable. 

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About Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Fastener + Fixing Magazine is the leading publication for the fastening industry. Our unrivalled reputation for comprehensive coverage and perspective on the global fastener industry makes the magazine essential reading for everyone involved in the fastener and fixing market.

In addition to this targeted circulation selected articles, as well as the latest fastener news, are posted on this website, as well as on social media including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Fastener + Fixing Magazine is also distributed to visitors at important exhibitions. All of this promotes the magazine and its advertisers, widens awareness, and expands the readership.


Fastener + Fixing Magazine has the best established fastener industry specific print and digital circulation in Europe and beyond with 25,000 targeted addressees, and a readership exceeding 50,000.

Our policy of getting into and understanding the market is always attracting new readers who recognise the importance of the magazine. Our presence at exhibitions, interviews with opinion leaders, and factory visits gives our readers a global perspective on their industry.

Advertising in Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Advertising in Fastener + Fixing Magazine, either online or in print, reaches a specific and relevant audience across the fastener industry. A well thought out advertising campaign offers a cost-effective way to establish the value of your company, products and services in the customers mind.

Either independently, or in a combined effort, Fastener + Fixing Magazine offers print display and online advertising. From high profile, high impact corporate campaigns to consistent product specific marketing, we provide a variety of channels to reach your target audience within your individual budget.

Advertise in print

Each printed issue carefully balances advertising and editorial. We can work with you to plan an effective media presence that will create awareness, boost your company profile, and highlight crucial buying factors that can tip the balance in winning or retaining business. Advertising packages can be tailored specifically to meet individual marketing requirements.

Advertise Online

The advertising opportunities on www.fastenerandfixing.com include high profile headline banners – guaranteeing the attention of industry specific professionals and providing a presence on every page of the website – as well as exclusive skyscraper positions across a range of high profile landing pages and dedicated sections. For more information click on the image to the right.


Getting Editorial Coverage

At Fastener + Fixing Magazine we look to maintain a high editorial standard as we believe it is the key to ensuring our advertisers and editorial contributors achieve their goal via our publications.

Therefore we request that all articles focus on genuine new developments in the industry – company changes, new launches, product developments, new technologies, new sectors opened, new contracts, etc.

To find out more information about upcoming topics and events download our Features Calendar.

We do not charge for publishing editorial. However, publication is at the sole discretion of the editor and submissions are accepted on the understanding that they may be edited for content and length.

Feature length articles – such as face-to-face interviews, visits and company insights – are usually conducted by our editorial team. These articles are normally linked to an advertising programme and are designed to deliver a unique depth of understanding of the company – with our independent editorial stance creating a level of credibility otherwise very difficult to achieve.

For more information on editorial opportunities available please download our Editorial Guide or send an email to editor@verulammedia.com

Copyright Information

All of the material published on this website is subject to copyright and should only be used as detailed below. Failure to do so is a breach of our conditions of use of this website and may violate copyright law.

You May Not:

Copy any of our content or republish or redistribute either in part or in full any of the articles, for example by pasting into emails or republishing them in any media, including other websites, printed or digital magazines or newsletters.


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Download our RSS feeds and view them for your personal reference.

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Extract quotations of a maximum of 30 words for inclusion in a longer original text of your own as long as the source of the quotation is fully acknowledged including our website address.

In case of any doubt or to request permission to publish or reproduce outside of these conditions please contact editor@verulammedia.com

This website contains news and articles originated by ourselves and also reports based on or wholly sourced from submissions by third parties to Verulam Media. The utmost care is taken to ensure that information published is accurate and current at the time of publication.

However, Mack-Brooks Exhibitions Limited cannot be held responsible or, in any way liable, for errors or omissions of any material contained on this website. The publisher also cannot be held liable for the validity of any claims included within this website and made by advertisers, contributors or providers of article content. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Editor or Mack-Brooks Exhibitions Limited.

The Fastener + Fixing trade marks are owned by and used under licence from Mack-Brooks Exhibitions Limited.

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