Popularity boom for cordless rivet guns 06 September 2023

Cordless rivet guns are becoming more popular and finding more applications in a variety of industrial applications. However, for traditional cordless rivet guns, two fundamental problems exist – that of productivity and safety. To eliminate these, Abrasiv AS has introduced a new technical solution that features a patented electromagnetic accelerator. 

Abrasiv’s new rivet gun system, developed and patented by the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, the Czech Republic, speeds up the riveting process, as there is no need for the mechanical movement of the gun to move the mandrel into the container. The system enables a riveting gun to hold a rivet firmly in any position and reduces the risk of rivet gun damage caused by a blocked mandrel inside the mechanism. On the health of the user, the new system also reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

At the heart of the Abrasiv solution is a patented electromagnetic accelerator, which enables the automatic transfer of the rivet mandrels from the mouth of the cordless or electric riveting gun into the container. In addition to this function, the accelerator allows the rivet to be held in the rivet gun without increasing the force required to insert it. The main advantages of the new solution are its high reliability, low energy consumption, the absence of mechanical rods and springs, as well as minimal space requirements. The accelerator is also incorporated directly into the rivet gun without having to re-design the main structural parts. Modifying the rivet gun does not result in any significant weight increase and neither does it impact battery life. 

According to Abrasiv, the current solution is original, mainly with regards to the inclusion of the electromagnetic accelerator, and is very reliable for magnetic rivet mandrels. The company also points out that the development of solutions for non-magnetic mandrels is ongoing. 

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