New torque wrenches bolster HAZET’s System 5000-3CT product line 16 February 2023

German-based HAZET, which specialises in quality tools and workshop equipment, is bolstering its successful 5000-3CT product line and torque technology range with the introduction of two new torque wrenches with a ¼ inch (6.3 mm) reversible ratchet for bits.

HAZET’s new wrenches - the 5107B-3CT and the 5108B-3CT – are suited to work in particularly narrow spaces, such as maintenance and service work on burner flanges, or on electrodes on compact modules for condensing and combi-gas boilers. They are also ideal when working to precise specifications on two-wheeled vehicles with aluminium and carbon parts, when tightening plastic attachments, such as the trim on motorcycles, scooters or bicycles. The 5107B-3CT torque wrench operates in the 1Nm to 9Nm range and the 5108B-3CT between 2.5Nm and 25Nm.

Both lightweight (270g) and short (234mm length), the torque wrenches are suited for the workshop, as well as for work at home and on the road. The ratchet head height is a slim 10.2mm with a width of 24mm. Standard bits are held by a ¼ inch inside hexagon and are protected against loss by a lock washer. Laser inscription provides easy to read, high contrast Vernier scales, graduated in 0.1Nm (5107B-3CT) or 0.25Nm (5108B-3CT) graticules. This allows the user to make accurate settings and readings. The torque-release accuracy tolerance is +/- 3% (5108B-3CT) or +/- 4% (5107B-3CT). Both tools require only a low actuating force, the wrench for the lower torque ranges manages with 0.6kg to 5.5kg; the other with 1.4kg to 15.3kg.

The two torque wrenches build on the tested technology of the HAZET 5000-3CT series, with all parts made and assembled in Germany to HAZET’s high manufacturing and quality assurance standards. These, the company points out, guarantee high tool availability and a long service life. HAZET’s service centre also offers precision tool repair and recalibration services. 

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