Fisnar launches DTD50 04 January 2019

An international manufacturer of fluid dispensing systems, Fisnar has launched the DTD50 – a new 50ml multi-ratio 2K dispense tool for the precise dispensing of two component materials packed into 50ml side by side cartridges.

Boasting a weight of just 280g, the DTD50 is the industry’s lightest 50ml multi-dispense tool. Its simple operating system allows for small, accurate and repeatable fluid deposits to be applied to a component when attached to a Fisnar dispense controller. The device could further be used for downpacking into Fisnar QuantX™ syringes when precise micro shot dispensing is required. The lightweight and durable design of the DTD50 makes it ideal for handheld use, with an optional trigger handle attachment available if required.

Additionally, the dispense tool can be mounted onto a stand for handsfree dispensing. This will eliminate operator fatigue and alleviate symptoms of RSI.

The universal tool is compatible with all differing ratios of 50ml cartridges. With a standard configuration for dispensing 1:1 and 2:1 ratio material, the DTD50 can also be quickly converted to dispense 4:1 and 10:1 ratio material using the included piston. A storage facility at the rear of the tool allows for safe and secure storage of pistons when not in use. As the DTD50 is equipped to dispense the widest range of mix ratios, it differs from any other dispensing tool on the market and will suit a vast array of production needs.

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