Secure, powder coated style 26 April 2024

At Hafren Fasteners, security is not just about functionality; it’s also about seamlessly integrating security measures into a particular environment. This is important in applications such as façades where a screw head, painted in the colours of the façade, blends harmoniously into its surroundings, making an otherwise unwanted feature almost invisible. This is where the company’s new offering of security fasteners with powder coated heads comes into its own.

Powder coating is a dry finishing technique where a fine, electrostatically charged powder, composed of pigment, resin, and additives, is applied to a surface. The electrostatic charge ensures the powder adheres to the object. Next, the coated item is baked in an oven, allowing the powder to melt and fuse into a resilient and appealing finish. 

Widely employed for both protection and decoration, powder coating is commonly used for enhancing the durability and aesthetics of various metal items. It’s also the most popular form for colouring heads, as it’s more environmentally friendly, produces less waste, and provides a more uniform and durable finish, which is more resistant to weathering, scratching, chipping, chemicals, and fading, than traditional wet paint techniques.

Hafren powder coats are available in a vast range of colours using a wide variety of RAL and British Standard paints, such as gloss, satin, and matt finishes, but also using special RAL designs, metallic finishes and textured paints. Its extensive colour matching ensures any security fasteners seamlessly integrate into the application surroundings, maintaining a sleek and cohesive aesthetic – whether a customer wants fasteners to discreetly blend into a background, or stand out as a design feature.

Whilst security is paramount, the company believes it shouldn’t come at the expense of design. As a result, its painted heads service allows for a secure application without compromising on appearances. Should a specifier seek to integrate subtle security measures without drawing undue attention, Hafren’s powder coating service offers a solution, seamlessly blending security measures with an overall design –
helping to achieve effective asset protection without compromising aesthetics. The process is also versatile, offering any colour for any parts, so that customers can enjoy the benefits of high-quality, reliable fasteners, while still achieving excellent colour coordination for specific requirements. 

The powder coating service can be applied to all of Hafren’s wide range of security fasteners, offering great versatility for any application. Whether securing high-value assets, safeguarding property, or simply adding an extra layer of protection to premises, the company’s fasteners can be tailored to suit any specific needs. They can also make a statement, beyond simply blending in; by choosing bold and vibrant colours to showcase a commitment to security, or by matching them to a company’s branding for a cohesive look – the possibilities are endless.

In summary, the key benefits of this powder coating service include customisation; with a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from to match surroundings, or to make a statement, seamlessly blending security into the environment and application for a discreet and polished look; durability, with the powder coating treatment helping to enhance fastener longevity by adding a further layer of protection against weathering; and versatility, with any stock parts being matched with any colour, thereby opening up a world of possibilities. 

Hafren believes that security should be effective and elegant, which is why its powder coated heads service offers the perfect combination of security, functionality, and style, giving peace of mind that comes with enhanced security, yet without sacrificing the appearance of any particular application’s environment.



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