UIP makes its mark 08 February 2016

Founded in 2010 UIP GmbH & Co KG has established itself in the building sector, from housing to major plant construction, thanks to its wide offering of fastening systems based on decades of experience.

Part of the Schnarr Group founded by Heinrich Schnarr in 1926, and now in its third generation led by Eugen Schnarr, UIP presents innovative solutions for fixing light, medium and heavy loads in any substrate and accommodates chemical, mechanical, universal, dowelless, as well as cavity and cladding fasteners.

In 2013 UIP relocated its registered office to the lower Franconian town of Mainaschaff and the premises of the affiliated company Heinrich Schnarr GmbH. This provided UIP with the advantage of concentrating its activities in one location, as well as combining competencies in the areas of R&D and production.

UIP’s 20,000m² headquarters, located near Frankfurt am Main, accommodates the management, as well as the departments for marketing, R&D, production and assembly. Following its establishment in 2010, the company quickly focused on niche fastener applications. In 2011, the first step was implemented with the manufacturing of cold formed fasteners. The second step followed in 2014 with the manufacturing of chemical fasteners.

Today UIP possesses a great number of active property rights, including 16 patents and patent registrations. Moreover, the company owns many technical assessments and approvals.

UIP’s product range comprises six general product categories and four product brands for special applications. This includes:

ubond®, which incorporates chemical anchors with innovative injection technology for fastening heavy and medium loads in concrete, masonry and natural stone. ubond systems range from styrene-free polyester adhesives to pure epoxy solutions for the most demanding fastening tasks relating to cracked, uncracked and wet concrete.

ubolt represents mechanical anchors designed to safely hold heavy and medium loads in concrete. Among others, this product line spans wedge anchors, heavy-duty anchors, as well as ceiling nails made of zinc coated, stainless or high corrosion resistant steel.

uplug accommodates nylon anchors, universal anchors or expansion anchors – all providing fastening solutions for façade construction. It also includes versatile fasteners for fixing light and medium loads in concrete, solid stones, perforated bricks and gypsum boards.

The fourth product category, called ucut®, unites all dowelless fastening solutions based on the latest technologies. They are suitable for fastening light, medium and heavy loads in concrete, masonry, aerated concrete or wood.

Solutions for fastening light, medium and even heavy loads in hollow substrates are introduced under the category ucavity. It covers products such as hollow wall anchors, toggle and spring toggle bolts, plus self-cutting plasterboard anchors. A combination of chemical and mechanical know-how is offered under the category uhybrid, which comprises of high performance injection systems for cracked and uncracked concrete.

Aside from these six product categories, UIP offers four additional product brands dedicated to particular applications. Firstly there is uclad, which is the brand for users looking for innovative façade fasteners. Heavy façade panels made of natural stone or glass, for example, can be affixed without visible fastening points on their exterior. uclad products also enable fastening with very thin materials – without visible traces on the exterior.

With usolar, UIP offers a dowelless solar system fastener for fixing photovoltaic facilities in concrete, masonry, aerated concrete and wood. Various materials can be fastened using the same solar screw in a safe and efficient way, which UIP says is the special advantage of this product.

UIP also offers rail fastening systems, which are distributed under the brand urail. This group is dedicated to high-quality rail fastening technology for slab as well as ballast tracks. It offers solutions for all load profiles, from high-speed to heavy-duty lines.

Finally there is utool, which is the brand for innovative tooling systems including patented ideas for the most demanding fastening tasks.

UIP points out that state of the art manufacturing processes and sophisticated systems to ensure the highest quality are not only deployed by its parent plant, but also in the facilities of its suppliers. The efficient manufacturing facilities allows for the best possible response to country specific requirements and local needs.

UIP fastening systems are deployed worldwide. The distribution network boasts a competent local presence, be it through selected dealers or UIP subsidiaries. The company has general agencies in 20 countries, on all continents, with the export share amounting to 80%. However, the commitment of the company goes far beyond the mere sale of products. It ranges from consultations in the planning phase to professional application advice on the construction site. UIP also highlights the close proximity to its customers as one of the keys to its success.

“Our ideas are made in Germany, or more precisely made in the Lower Franconian town of Mainaschaff, and from there our staff quickly respond to customer and market needs – with the goal to establish the company among the world’s market leaders.”


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