Eurotec concrete frame screws pass the test 04 July 2024

Eurotec’s concrete frame screws have been successfully tested in classes RC2 / RC2N and RC3, highlighting the robustness and versatility of the concrete frame screws – with the testing procedure involving two different types of loading to determine resistance. 

The classification RC2 / RC3 refers to resistance against burglary attempts and is a security class according to European standards. In this context, ‘RC’ stands for ‘Resistance Class’ and RC2 represents a specific level of resistance against manual burglary attempts.

In determining resistance under static loading according to EN 1628:2021-06, the test specimen was loaded at specific points according to standard requirements, with permeability checked after each loading. These tests reflect real installation situations and ensure reliable performance in practice.

Furthermore, resistance under dynamic loading was determined according to EN 1629:2021-06. For this determination, a test specimen was mounted in a torsionally rigid test frame and subjected to impact from a pendulum body (50kg twin wheels/EN 12600) at various points.

The final test involved determining resistance against manual burglary attempts according to EN 1630:2021-06. In this procedure, based on DIN EN 1630, the burglary resistance is assessed by using defined tools to evaluate the resistance of the tested material against manual burglary attempts.

The successful classification of Eurotec’s concrete frame screw not only reaffirms its quality but also its commitment to meeting the highest standards. “At Eurotec we continue to offer innovative solutions that meet the requirements of modern construction projects – while also fulfilling the highest safety standards,” explained the company.  

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