Longer screw lengths to comply with UK building regulations 03 May 2024

Samac Fixings has announced the expansion of its acclaimed Performance range with the introduction of new screw lengths, specifically designed to comply with the updated UK building regulations for roof insulation.

Part ‘L’ of the UK building regulations now mandates a minimum roof insulation level of 0.18 W/mK for all new build homes and extensions. This significant update necessitated the use of thicker insulation materials to meet the new standard, thereby creating a need for longer screws in the construction process.

Understanding this industry shift, Samac Fixings has responded proactively by adding 6mm x 220mm and 6mm x 240mm screw lengths to its performance range. These new sizes are meticulously engineered to travel through the increased thickness of the latest insulation materials, ensuring compliance with the updated regulations while maintaining Samac’s hallmark of quality and reliability.

The longer screws are not just a regulatory response; they are a crucial component in maintaining the structural integrity of roof insulation. Shorter screws may fail to reach the framing behind thick insulation, potentially leading to reduced stability and sagging over time. The Performance range’s extended screws provide a more secure grip and penetrate the full depth of the insulation, offering proper support and preventing damage.Moreover, these longer screws distribute pressure more evenly across the insulation layer. This feature is critical for maintaining the stability of the insulation over time, ensuring that buildings remain energy efficient and compliant with the latest standards.  

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