High demand spawns latest distance mounting solution 20 February 2023

Following on from the success of its ResiTHERM® 16 distance mounting system, launched earlier this year for ETICS insulated façades, CELO Fixings Technology has announced its new ResiTHERM® 12 system. 

Created in response to high demand for the earlier product, the ResiTHERM® 12 system differs from ResiTHERM® 16 in the diameter of the M12 threaded rod located in the insulation and wall. Its smaller drill hole diameter in solid building materials also helps shorten installation time. Available soon, ResiTHERM® 12 is also driving rainproof – with both products are ETA approved. 

As for ResiTHERM® 16, its thermal separation module enables effective thermal separation when mounting heavy loads, such as canopies, awnings, French balconies, air conditioning units or satellite dishes onto the external insulation without thermal bridges, which is increasingly relevant with rising gas and heating costs. In addition, the product maintains its energy efficiency regardless of whether the insulated façades are made of concrete, solid or perforated bricks, aerated concrete or sand-lime bricks. The system enables users to bridge insulation thicknesses of up to 300mm on concrete, or 250mm on perforated brick masonry, and the glass-fibre-reinforced black separating module, made of polyamide, provides necessary stability.

ResiTHERM® 16 also displays driving rain tightness, based on DIN EN 1027 standards, which is an important property relevant during heavy rain events. Its pre-mounted sealing ring, made of high-quality, weather-resistant EPDM, also ensures a proven seal up to gale force 11 – when standard grain size of plaster, up to a deflection of 3mm, is involved.

As the anchor rod with the glass-fibre – reinforced thermal separation module self-cuts through the plaster into the insulation material, sealing is automatic; it also cleanly seals the drill hole through the EPDM sealing. At the same time, its combination with chemical mortar ensures a perfect setting process and subsequent sealing is no longer necessary, all helping to cut installation time.

According to the Beaufort scale, gale force 11 corresponds to a hurricane-strength storm with an average wind speed between 103km/h and 117km/h, at a height 10 metres above open ground. Even when tested under these conditions, no water penetration at the attachment point of the ResiTHERM® 16 was detected. 

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