BCR HYBRID receives two ETAs 03 June 2024

Bossong SpA is continuing its position as a reference point for chemical anchoring with the introduction of the new BCR HYBRID chemical anchor, which the company highlights meets the current needs of markets that require fast, universal, multipurpose and environmentally certified products.

With two ETA accreditations (ETA – 15/0559) and (ETA – 24/0016), updated in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011, the new BCR HYBRID is a universal bi-component hybrid chemical anchor, without styrene, for medium/heavy loads and applications in concrete and masonry. The product also has CE Marking.

The first ETA (ETA – 15/0559) covers the BCR HYBRID according to EAD-330499 for non-cracked concrete, Option 7, in diameters from M8 – M24, and for bars with improved adhesion from 8mm – 16mm. As well as this, the BCR HYBRID is covered under Option 1 – performance for cracked concrete, for bars M10, M12, M14 and M16. 

The product also has seismic qualification according to EAD-330499 and is qualified in seismic category C1 for diameters M12 – M16 and seismic category C2 for M12 diameter. 

Approved for fixings with a variable anchorage depth, the BCR HYBRID provides high flexibility to the designer, as well as maximum anchorage depth of up to twenty times the nominal diameter of the threaded rod, with reduced edge distances – allowing its use even in structural elements with limited dimensions. The anchor can be used in dry, wet and flooded concrete, as the hardening reaction of the product even occurs in the presence of water.

The second ETA (ETA – 24/0016) covers the BCR HYBRID according to EAD-330076 for fixings on solid and hollow masonry under static action. Specifically, the product is certified for applications on eight different masonry blocks, including solid masonry blocks, hollow masonry and AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) blocks. 

The threaded rods covered by the certification range from M8 – M16 in diameter, while the plastic cages for use on hollow bricks range from diameter GC 12x60 for M8 rods to cages GC 15x135 or GC20x85 for threaded bars M10 – M12. Also, for use on solid masonry, there are performances for bars with improved adhesion with diameters 8mm – 12mm, which follow typical applications of reinforcement on load-bearing masonry, adjustments, and reinforcements with reinforced plaster.

The BCR HYBRID product is also currently undergoing testing to obtain a third ETA-CE certification for applications on solid brick masonry under seismic action. Furthermore, the product is equipped with an EPD, an environmental product certification, which is currently in high demand – especially in public works and large construction sites where environmental product aspects are strongly considered. Thanks to the absence of styrene, it can also be used in enclosed environments. 

The resin, due to its high adhesion value and ease of penetration into porosities and voids, also allows for secure fixing without expansion and therefore without tension in the base material during installation. The resin and hardener only mix during extrusion by passing the product through the dedicated mixer. No pre-mixing is required. It can also be used as a repair and filling compound.  





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