TR Fastenings expands Plas-Tech® range 19 June 2024

The new Plas-Tech 30-20® screws from TR Fastenings increase fastening possibilities in plastic applications for industries such as automotive, tech, infrastructure, and medical, helping to give TR customers more advantages in their production processes.

Manufactured in TR’s facilities, the Plas-Tech 30-20® range has been developed by the company’s global technical engineering teams and possesses an optimised thread profile, which gives an advanced performance in a wide variety of plastic materials.   

Plas-Tech 30-20® screws are new to the market but come as part of the company’s established Plas-Tech® range, having been specially developed to offer several advantages over conventional thread-forming screws in plastic. These features include a 20% finer pitch, which helps to reduce installation times, as well as a lower flank angle to help improve axial resistance. 

Also available with various protective coatings, the Plas-Tech 30-20® screw range features a reduced thread angle, which helps to lessens axial displacement during application, with a faceted thread profile directing material flow to reduce radial stress. The screws are also equipped with a large core thread profile to provide high torsional and tensile strength. 

The smooth installation process of Plas-Tech 30-20® heightens its resistance to vibration and can be installed with a calibrated pneumatic or electric driver. As well as this, the fasteners can also be removed and reinstalled a number of times.

The Plas-Tech 30-20® screw range includes pan head, flange head and countersunk head varieties, enabling TR customers to choose the ideal option for each application. Thread diameters are available from 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm, and available in lengths ranging from 6mm – 30mm.  

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