Tailor-made solutions for the photovoltaic industry 05 July 2024

With more than 50 years of experience in fastening systems, Rivit has developed a range of specific solutions for the photovoltaic sector that includes consumables such as blind rivets, rivet nuts, bushings for panel ballasts, as well as special screws and tools for their installation, all designed to meet the needs of the energy sector.

Popular consumables include blind rivets such as the Gtreriv, with its neoprene gasket ideal for trapezoidal sheet metal and sandwich panels, and the Lockriv for wide hole diameter tolerance. Also available are rivet nuts including the Tubriv and Jackriv, both of which are ideal for the installation of photovoltaic systems on various types of coverages and roofs, as well as the Rivlock breakstem bolts, for assemblies requiring a strong seal and high resistance to mechanical stress, especially for fastening parts subject to high vibration. 

For installation, Rivit’s battery operated riveting tools 700 Series, and the RIV720, provide the power of brushless motors and long life batteries that allow easy and durable fastening. As well as this, among the hydro-pneumatic riveting tools offered by Rivit is the 500 Series of light and handy riveting machines. Finally, there is also the possibility of relying on an efficient manual tool such as the RIV7. 

Thanks to many years of experience and continuous research, development, and innovation, Rivit solutions help to guarantee extreme effectiveness and reliability, but also durability, high resistance to weathering, as well as ease of installation. The Italian-based company is also able to provide customers with ad hoc solutions, created on request for the specific needs of the sector.  

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