Precision and power when riveting 12 June 2024

BRALO Group has recently added to its extensive range of tools with the BT-18N – a new battery operated tool for blind rivet nuts suitable for a variety of riveting applications, as well as offering great speed, power, durability and reliability. 

Easily programmable and easy to maintain, the BT-18N riveting tool comes equipped with a battery, charger and easily interchangeable M3 to M10 nosepieces and mandrels. Its cordless nature makes it especially ideal for outdoor or overhead working areas. 

With a pulling force of 18,000N and a capacity to set nuts from M3 – M10, BT-18N ensures power and durability with a brushless motor and an 18V lithium ion battery, either 2.5 Ah or 5.0 Ah. To allow for suitability to a wider range of applications, BT-18N features two adjustable parameters. 

The first is stroke regulation or ‘S’ mode, which has 10 programmable memories for stroke regulation. When working in ‘S’ mode, the riveting tool uses its full pull force, but limits its stroke to the programmed stroke, making it an ideal working mode for a repetitive application, such as when the same nut is being riveted on the same material with the same thickness. This not only allows flexibility in the application, but also ensures the rivet nut is optimally positioned every time. 

The second is pull force regulation or ‘P’ mode, which also has 10 programmable memories for its regulation. When working in ‘P’ mode, the amount of force used by the tool to rivet the nut is regulated, however, the thickness of the base material may not always be the same. When working in this mode, the BT-18N uses a quality control system and warns with an acoustic signal if the nut has not been riveted properly, either by an incorrect adjustment or because it is not correctly supported on the base material. 

The tool also features automatic threading and unscrewing capabilities, as well as an auto unscrewing button to avoid jamming. It also possesses a digital counter that shows the number of nuts placed, which can be reset to zero should the user need to restart the count. 

BRALO also offers kits that can be supplied as optional accessories for setting M5 to M8 rivet studs.



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