New UV anaerobic adhesive from Panacol 27 December 2022

In response to growing market demand for UV anerobic adhesive systems, Panacol has expanded its portfolio of dual-curing adhesive systems with Vitralit® UD 4292 F, for structural bonding and sealing in automotive and electronic applications.

Vitralit® UD 4292 F is a transparent acrylic adhesive that cures in just a few seconds with light in the UVA or visible range when using LED curing devices from Dr Hönle. These devices provide light curing energy in wavelengths and intensity that optimise absorption by the adhesive’s photoinitiators for highly efficient UV light curing cycles. In shadowed areas, this adhesive reacts with metal ions in the absence of oxygen to ensure full cure.  

The secondary anerobic curing can be accelerated by adding heat or by applying a chemical activator to one of the surfaces to be bonded. When properly cured, Vitralit® UD 4292 F exhibits very high pull out forces on various metals. 

“These properties make Vitralit® UD 4292 F particularly desirable for a wide variety of electric motor assembly applications, including the structural bonding of ball bearings or shaft hub connections on rotors and stators,” comments Panacol-Elosol GmbH. The high glass transition temperature of over 130°C also ensures that the adhesive system retains its bond strength under temperature fluctuations and dynamic stress. 

For visual process control, the composition of Vitralit® UD 4292 F contains a fluorescent marker that glows bright blue when exposed to low intensity UV light, making it visible in very thin gaps. 

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