New scanner function for MAD and MED 11 March 2021

From now on, torque wrenches of the MAD and MED series from Matjeschk-PowerTools (M-PT) can also connect to a barcode scanner via Bluetooth, meaning data no longer has to be typed in, but can be conveniently scanned using a barcode or QR code.

A user must simply scan in the worker ID from the ID card and assign it to the tool. They must then scan the serial number of a component into the documentation, thus assigning the screw connection data to a specific component. Lastly, the user must attach preset torque values to assembly lines as cards with QR codes and scan them in quickly and easily. The torque wrench then takes over the stored parameters, such as torque, angle of rotation, upper and lower limits, etc.

The scanner function can be purchased separately or in combination with the smart documentation system from M-PT, which is software for reliable recording and transmission of screwing and loosening processes. After work, the data can easily be exported to a PC via Bluetooth and archived as a PDF, CSV or Microsoft® Excel file. 

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