New epoxies cure at 60°C 06 September 2021

Panacol has developed a range of new one component epoxy adhesives – Structalit® 5511, 5521 and 5531 – that cure at very low temperatures and adhere very well to substrates with low surface energy.

All three adhesives are single component, epoxy resin-based adhesives and cure at just 60°C, making them particularly suitable for temperature sensitive electronic components. Curing at higher temperatures will accelerate cure time and add additional strength to the bond.

Structalit 5511 features a particularly low ionic content and is therefore especially suitable for use in electronics. Combining a high Young’s modulus with an elongation at break of more than 8%, it ensures high adhesion to many substrates with additional shock and vibration resistance.

Also available, Structalit 5521 is softer and more flexible after curing, allowing the adhesive to better compensate for stresses between substrates. Due to its very low modulus of elasticity, this adhesive is very well suited for potting or for the application of thicker adhesive layers.

As the third adhesive of the new epoxy technology, Structalit 5531 has an extraordinary low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), yet is flexible enough to withstand drop and vibration tests. The incorporation of filler particles gives the adhesive extremely high resistance to mechanical and chemical influences.

All three adhesives possess high purity and low ion content, which complies with international standards for electronic and microelectronic component assembly.

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