Flower-shaped rivet range for versatile building 24 October 2023

Italian maker and distributor of fasteners and tools for sheet metal working, Rivit, has introduced a flower-shaped rivet – Fioriv – to fasten soft and composite materials with a secure and long-lasting fastening, thanks to its four, petal-like pressure points. 

Rivit Srl explains that these petal-like pressure points are created by four notches placed under the head of the mandrel that, in the pulling phase, cut and deform the rivet body to create the pressure points. As a result, the Fioriv rivets adapt to different types of surfaces, even those requiring minimal clamping pressure, such as non-metallic materials, fibre glass, plastic products and drywall – so that fastening takes place without damaging them.

The new rivets come in different formats to suit different length and diameter requirements, but also to suit different materials and applications. Indeed, in order to meet the differing needs of the building sector, Fioriv is available in aluminium, or copper, and as round or
large-head rivets. Completing the range, an extra-long version is available up to 250mm in length, at 4.8mm and 6.4mm diameters. This type of rivet is mainly used to fasten external wall claddings and shaped insulating panels, but also to help neutralise harmful old asbestos and asbestos cement roofing during encapsulation to make them safe. 

The special length of the rivet even allows it to be used on thick surfaces, thereby negating the use of special roofing screws or mushroom plugs.  

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