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06 April 2022

For this podcast we have two interviews both focusing on crucial topics impacting not only fastener companies, but a variety of sectors. 

Firstly, there is an interview with Geoff Yates, head of commercial development at Espace Europe, about the situation in sea and road freight since the beginning of the year.

 The second part of the podcast is a discussion with Shankhadeep Mukherjee, Chris Bandmann and Iris Speelmanns, from CRU Group, we chat about developments within wire rod and steel long products, as well as the unprecedented developments within nickel over recent weeks.

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Podcast Details

Espace Europe was founded in 2000 by current MD Tony Shally and his then business partner. At that point, the company specialised in the French market, but Espace soon expanded into the rest of Europe and then further globally. The company now has  a full range of worldwide services, including UK and European standard and express road, sea, air, air charter and hand-carry.


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CRU Group is a business intelligence company - offering independent, reliable commodity news, market analysis, prices and consulting across mining, metals and fertilizer global markets.