The new generation of Dimac’s 100% inspection and sorting machine 11 June 2024

Dimac states it has achieved a remarkable milestone with the limited edition version of MCV4 La Mille, a concept machine developed in cooperation with ITW Rivex France for the sorting department of their brand new plant in Ornans, France.

Beyond its ergonomic layout and user-friendly software, this high-speed piece of equipment integrates innovative inspection solutions, driven by high-resolution digital cameras and state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms. “The MCV4 La Mille stands as a testament to the successful partnership between Dimac and ITW Rivex, showcasing the commitment to excellence in the sorting department and setting new standards in the industry,” states Massimo Agrati, CEO at Dimac Srl. 

Key features of the MCV4 La Mille include mechanical precision – with it ensuring consistent high output rates with rapid changeover procedures. Robust feeding rails, featuring integrated pneumatic propulsion circuits, also guarantee a jamming-free flow of parts towards the steel rotary table, which is driven by a brushless hollow motor of the last generation – with an integrated encoder ensuring the accurate triggering of the control stations. The rotary table of the MCV4 La Mille also boasts interchangeable dials with slots, where headed parts are seamlessly fed in. This feature enhances flexibility and adaptability to varying production needs. 

“The machine can also achieve output rates of up to 700 parts per minute, and excels in sorting headed parts ranging from M6 to M8 by 35mm. Non-controlled pieces can also be seamlessly reprocessed without disrupting the continuous flow of incoming parts,” points out Massimo. “To add to this, the AI-driven side surface cameras station, positioned at 120° intervals, covers the entire 360° surface of the shank, identifying even the minutest defects in threaded or cylindrical areas.”

Performance optimisation

Powered by a modern PLC on Ethercat field-bus connected to the vision machine controller, MCV4 La Mille incorporates a
high-resolution graphic card. The entire system is housed in an IP54 cabinet, with an active coolant system ensuring stability even in challenging environments. The MCV4 La Mille has also been developed to consider the requirements of IATF 16949 for the quality control of fasteners, ensuring adherence to the highest industry standards. Equipped with a side profile measuring camera, MCV4 La Mille also guarantees accuracy validated by MSA tests.

“Operating under the Windows 10® system, MCV4 La Mille is driven by the Dimac proprietary software platform that includes the Vision System MCVx, the MCV-PLC system for machine automation and the MCV-AI software for AI recognition,” points out Massimo. “This platform provides an intuitive user interface accessible to operators of all skill levels, featuring essential pop ups and simple filters for quick programming and recipe creation.”

Thanks to the Connectivity Pack, a suite of Apps for the machine connection online and remote programming, it is possible to retrieve sorting cycle data, statistics, and measurements, in SQL format ready to be exchanged with the company’s ERP system.

Ergonomically designed

The MCV4 La Mille’s ergonomic layout ensures the operator’s comfort during programming and mechanical set-up. A mobile console with a 24 inch colour touch LCD, sliding wing doors for easy access, retractable trolley for NOK box handling, lockers for tools, and stainless steel dirt removal trays, enhance the overall user experience.

The machine also offers efficient output handling, with a driven conveyor belt at the rear side of the machine smoothly carrying conforming OK parts out into bins. Ancillary packing machines by Dimac can also be seamlessly integrated for automatic box filling and changing over. Non-conforming parts are efficiently managed, as they are evacuated into segregated NOK boxes housed inside the machine body and extractable by a dedicated trolley. One of the two NOK exits is programmable, allowing isolation of non-conforming parts based on a single inspection criterion selected from the comprehensive list included in the control plan. This meticulous process ensures a seamless workflow, emphasising the machine’s capability to uphold the highest quality standards in fastener production.

“With the MCV4 La Mille customers will discover unparalleled precision, speed, and user comfort – a testament to Dimac’s commitment to innovation towards a zero defect future and helping to ensure compliance with CE standards and IATF 16949 requirements for quality control in mechanical minute components production,” underlines Massimo.


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