The era of the ultimate coating system machine 16 April 2024

The new TECH 1 application machine from Tecnologic 3® is the perfect companion to apply each type of solvent or water-based products for fasteners – granting outstanding performances  with an average production of 20,000 standard screws per hour.

Based in Gorgonzola (Mi), Italy, Tecnologic 3® is a key player within the manufacturing and applying of adhesive products and sealants – using systems, processes and technology designed internally and patented all over the world. The new TECH 1 application machine is a full system enabling an improved application – helping to reduce the impact on the environment whilst getting the best performance in terms of efficiency and productivity.

The new TECH 1 application machine, which includes a new process that is fully patented, also underlines Tecnologic 3®’s innovative capabilities, with it including a host of new features – such as a new PLC able to manage all operations with maximum speed; a new
high performance Pro camera to check online quality; a new automatic reject system; display units for integrated operation; the ability to program directly on the device; a huge display and editing of message text/variables on the device; as well as what Tecnologic 3
® says is a game changing application system for groundbreaking performances. 

Technical assistance and dedicated service will also guide Tecnologic 3® customers into all the initial phases of the project, until the production start-up.

“The new TECH 1 machine embodies perfectly how tradition becomes innovation,” states Tecnologic 3®. “Continous creative and technological research has allowed us to once again launch an exciting new Italian innovation onto the national and international markets.”

Even more innovations

The innovative spirit at Tecnologic 3® is further underlined with the recent launch of two new products to complete the range and offer its customers the best in terms of performance and quality. 

Firstly the company has introduced Tecnologic 16, which it states is the most effective and innovative cold applied coating process developed to prevent adhesion of weld splashes and accumulation of paint. It can be applied on both soft and hard metals, as well as plastics – providing the integrity of a top coat and physical properties of material.

The second innovation is Tecnologic 40,  a hybrid self-locking and sealant agent based on water and technologically advanced resins. It can be applied on soft and hard metal and helps prevent surface damages.It also prevents loosening through vibration and provides a slight sealing capability through mechanical braking. Finally, it is distributed over threads – eliminating the engagement gap and exerting long-lasting resistance to loosening and vibrations.

“Like all our products, both Tecnologic 16 and Tecnologic 40 are water-based, helping to reduce the environmental impact,” reports Tecnologic 3®. “Our range of machines, products, and application process, are like a perfect circle to help and support worldwide fastener companies and applicators in supporting their clients with the best reactive and non-reactive coatings the industry can offer, with full respect
of the environment.”


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