SMART secondary operation machinery 08 June 2018

SMART Machinery was originally founded in 2001 by a skilled team experienced in the thread rolling industry – revolutionising the industry by building a line of secondary operation machinery that moved beyond traditional technology, based on conventional motors, to machines designed around innovative servo technology.

In 2015 National Machinery LLC – world renowned cold/warm forming machinery manufacturer – purchased SMART Machinery, adding SMART’s secondary operation machinery line to its comprehensive product portfolio for the metal forming industry.

SMART Machinery offers flat die thread rolling machines, planetary thread rolling machines, pointing machines, and washer assembly units. SMART’s flat die thread rolling machines – the NG series and NG Maxi series – cover a wide range of part sizes and offer various capabilities. All models are powered by a patented direct drive motor that provides full torque from zero speed along with higher energy efficiency than traditional motors.

The direct drive motor is quiet and requires no maintenance due to the absence of chains, pulleys, belts and gears. Patented servo linear motors are also used to control the introduction system. Adjustment of stroke and timing of the introduction finger, along with placement and pressure of the blank moving into the die, are made easily from the control screen. An additional feature of these flat die machines is auto-setup for pre-stored jobs. A past job can be pulled up through the control screen and adjustments are automatically made to the production speed, rail height and die holder position, vertical position of the rails and vibe bowl, injector position, and die match. Another unique feature of the NG and NG Maxi is the optional patented servo driven die match. This technology is controlled through auto-setup and recalls past die positions and makes all necessary adjustments.

SMART Machinery also offers the RNG planetary thread rolling machine series, which includes much of the same SMART technology features as the NG flat die machines, such as a direct drive motor, servo motor introduction, auto-setup, and die match. The RNG rotary machine works well for hollow parts as the rotary dies tend to not misshape or pinch the hollow tube of the part. Alternatively, the RNG’s rotary dies also handle heat treated machine screws with increased tool speed and tool life when compared to flat dies.

SMART can also supply the SMART NP pointers, which are machines capable of pointing, chamfering, creating special sharp points, making length reductions, cutting other different shapes and include a recently developed technology for cutting grooves. NP pointers come in three sizes covering a wide variety of part sizes. SMART patented technology is also present in the NP pointers as they also include a direct drive motor, auto-setup, and servo introduction. Although for this machine servo motor controls the vertical movements of the head, blank introduction/ejection, and opening and closing of the clamp on the part.

Also part of the SMART portfolio are the SMART evolution washer assembly units, which can assemble one or two different washers on a blank before threading. The evolution can be combined with a thread rolling machine or come as a standalone version.

Most recently SMART has developed technology to make its machines Industry 4.0 compatible. SMART’s Industry 4.0 technology systems are capable of collecting, storing, analysing, and presenting data relevant to their machine’s performance. The system can collect economic data, which is machine production monitoring, and process data, which is machine condition and thread roll monitoring. Data then becomes available through a multitude of digital channels including email, MES systems, ERP systems and internal company networks. Machine data can then be accessed by various company personnel and further analysed in an effort to improve production and reduce costs. Examples of practical applications of Industry 4.0 include the ability to analyse down times and initiate corrective measures along with comparing performance data to analyse job efficiency. Other additional benefits of the Industry 4.0 system include real time monitoring and alarm notifications.

Since the purchase of SMART Machinery by National Machinery, customer support for SMART machines has been expanded globally to provide better and closer local service. Service centers are located in the United States, Germany, Italy, and China and are staffed with qualified service technicians ready to perform SMART related service visits. Parts, mechanical service, electrical service, maintenance manuals and technical assistance are available from any of National Machinery or SMART Machinery’s service locations. National’s worldwide coverage allows for representatives available to assist customers in many different languages.

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