Revolutionising thread rolling set-ups 06 June 2024

While cold forming threads have been around for over a century, setting up these machines remains a challenge. Traditional methods rely on experience and ‘feel’ for pressure adjustments, making it difficult to train new operators and achieve consistent results. Mule Technology is able to offer a refreshing solution – retrofit kits that transform existing flat die thread rolling machines into user-friendly and repeatable set-ups.

With its retrofit kit solution Mule Technology points out that it replaces subjective adjustments with a precise, mechanical memory system. The retrofit kits are compatible with any brand of flat die rolling machine – with the core lying in the Mule Keys™, a set of precision bars and discs that eliminate guesswork.

Complementing the hardware is Mule Recipes™, a Cloud-based software program that enables operators to record and store optimal settings (Mule Recipes) for future jobs, streamlining the
process significantly.

Resolving the operator’s struggle

For those unfamiliar with thread rolling set-up, it might seem straightforward. However, operators face a complex interplay of factors such as timing, pressure, and most importantly, die orientation. Traditionally, this involves adjusting screws and shimming the dies – a process heavily reliant on experience and intuition. Repeatability and optimal set-ups are elusive with this subjective approach.

Mule Technology eliminates the guesswork by offering four precisely recordable and repeatable adjustment points. The package includes a retrofit kit for the machine, a new stationary die pocket with a top clamp, inch or metric Mule Keys™, and the “Mule Recipes™” App.

The Mule Keys™ kit is the heart of the system, enabling precise die positioning. Each kit includes three components – bars, discs and disc inserts. Two bars are used, one at each end of the stationary die pocket. The kit provides various thicknesses (numbered for easy identification) to achieve the desired die distance (overall pressure).

Discs and the art of die tilt and rate

The disc inserts have holes designed to fit the discs, which come in various thicknesses (alphabetically labeled). By adjusting these discs, operators can control die tilt (varying pressure on top versus bottom) and die rate (difference between starting and finishing pressure).

Since each bar and disc is clearly labelled, the optimal combination for a specific job can be documented as a Mule Recipe™, which ensures repeatable set-ups and eliminates inconsistencies.

“Mule Technology streamlined set-ups lead to faster changeovers, maximising machine uptime and increasing machine efficiency by 30%,” states the company. “This translates to increased production capacity and faster turnaround times – thanks to a 60% reduction in set-up times.”

Reduced set-up times also mean less wear on die during set-up, with the reduction or elimination of die break out – with consistent die pressure on the start and finish of the die – which helps all Mule customers experience extending die life. “We simplifiy complex
set-ups, making it easy for operators of all experience levels to handle a wider range of parts and help increase responsiveness to changing customer demands,” highlights Mule Technology. “Customers report achieving a positive ROI within two years of implementing Mule Technology
™, with this rapid payback period demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of the solution.”

The company concludes: “By simplifying operations, boosting machine efficiency, and increasing production speeds, Mule Technology delivers a compelling combination of value and cost savings. This translates to a more competitive edge, allowing our customers to meet demands faster and with greater agility.”



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