Precision and efficiency from long screw assembly machines 17 June 2024

Thanks to their reliability and excellence, advanced assembly machines – such as long screw assembly machines – from UTA Auto Industrial Co Ltd, are relied on by fastener manufacturers worldwide to help optimise production processes and maintain high-quality production standards.

Long screw assembly machines from UTA are designed to streamline production, by automatically assembling washers or anchors onto long screws. A cost-effective solution, these machines reduce manual labour and ensure consistent quality – whilst handling various screw sizes, as well as featuring automatic sorting functions to achieve impressive assembly rates, further enhancing productivity. 

These assembly machines are available in several models including the SL04-300 machine for screws of 4.8mm – 6.5mm in outer diameter and 150mm – 300mm in length. Available as a two piece with CE certification, the SL04-300 has an assembly speed of 50 – 120 pieces per minute. 

Another model, with a faster assembly speed of 100 to 250 pieces per minute, is the SD16-150, again for screws of 4.8mm – 6.5mm in outer diameter, but for screws of 25mm – 150mm in length. These machines have various sensors for feeding, assembly and outputting processes, as well as indicators on the front.  

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