New and innovative forging lines 12 April 2019

Videx has launched a new hot forging line that consists of between six and ten machines, replacing the traditional separate forging presses and trimming operation machines.

Videx’s new line comprises of a bar feeder and bar shear, cutting the material to length – this is for coils or long bars; a chamfer machine with optional turning stations; extrusion machine, extruding the chamfered end from major to pitch diameter; induction heating machine; double blow, solid die forging machines with stations – one feed station, two forging stations, and two ejecting stations; a cooling conveyor; and lastly, a thread rolling machine.

The forging machines are available in 300MT, 400MT and 500MT for M20 to M48, M64 and M76 in lengths of 200mm – 1,000mm under head. The head (hex for example) is formed in a closed die and it does not need trimming. Its production rate is 4 – 6 parts per minute.

The chamfered and extruded bars are fed into the die by a pneumatic piston. The feed dial indexes the parts to the first forging station, which upsets the parts and breaks the scale. The second forging station then completes the head shape. After heading the parts are ejected to a conveyor that transfers them onto a cooling conveyor on which they cool before they go into the thread rolling machine. The machines are sold either as complete lines or as self-standing independent machines.

“There are numerous benefits and reasons why this solution is better than anything already on the market. It is the first and only real commercial solution, starting from raw material and ending by a sellable product. This line is the fastest of its kind and the machine construction enables production of long bolts, in almost any length. The machine is also controlled from a single panel, which allows one operator to run the entire line,” comments Videx Machine Engineering Ltd.

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