Carlo Salvi Stories: Headers for the aerospace industry 09 June 2022

‘Chapter Two’ of our series highlighting ‘Carlo Salvi Stories’ – a series of articles celebrating business collaborations, successes and shared goals – focuses on Carlo Salvi’s partnership with aerospace company CAG.

Founded in 2009, CAG specialises in the production and supply of fasteners in the aerospace field. The company has experienced a strong expansion right from the start and today says it is one of the leading suppliers in China, Germany and the United States. Employing 40 people and boasting a state of the art plant, it develops special products for an extremely selective sector.

“We first met with Carlo Salvi in 2010 when the need arose to expand our business with a new line for parts heading,” commented Changshui Xu, president at CAG. “Among the many possible suppliers, we decided to choose a double stroke header machine from Carlo Salvi – due to the company’s good reputation in the aerospace field, as well as the fact that many of the biggest fastener manufacturers in the world use Carlo Salvi machines. Our partners, moreover, expressed interest in this technology right from the start, giving even more reasons for the final decision. After installing the first header, the results in terms of speed and efficiency came quickly. So much so, that our collaboration continues today.”

The first double stroke header machine was installed with the aim to open doors to an aerospace market that requires increasingly resistant, customised and well made parts. Subsequent investments made it possible to increase CAG’s production capacity. The Carlo Salvi header allowed CAG to work faster and focus on the quality of the finished product.

“Many of our parts are used immediately after heading, with others subjected to heat treatments and surface coatings. The excellent performance of the first machine was combined with an excellent service, so we decided to invest in more machines. What we appreciate most about Carlo Salvi heading machines is the speed – a production of 400 parts per minute offers us considerable advantages.”

The machines also enable preparation of the tools outside the machine for the next job, which saves time and costs. The settings are fast and simple and it is also possible to recall values previously stored. Last but not least, the machines are equipped with safety devices to protect operators.

“The partnership with CAG is certainly strategic for us, both for the role that the company plays in the aerospace field and for the close human relationship that has been established between the two work teams. Faced with this opportunity, we can only consider ourselves lucky. Even though the two factories are physically distant, we feel very close in the daily collaboration,” comments Germano Pandiani, COO at Carlo Salvi SpA.

“The digital tools we rely on favour interaction and allow us to be present ‘on-site’ even if we’re actually 8,000km away,” concludes Germano Pandiani. “What we have in common with CAG is the high-quality standard that we wish to guarantee every day to all those who rely on our technology. We are sure that together we have built solid foundations for a fruitful collaboration over time.”

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