Be green… be SMART 05 June 2024

By Alberto Gorreta, sales manager, SMART Machinery Srl

Since the beginning of its activity in 2001, Smart Machinery has always been known for innovative technological solutions applied to thread rolling machines. The company’s unrivalled introduction system, managed by a linear motor, and the use of direct drive motorisation are defining features in the field of cutting edge machines.

SMART’s introduction device, a key point of the thread roller, is managed by a linear motor and controlled by sophisticated and dedicated software. All the adjustments, including stroke and timing of the introduction finger, along with placement and pressure of the blank moving into the die, are easily made from the operator panel.

All Smart models are also powered by a patented application of the direct drive motor, which provides full torque from zero speed along with higher energy efficiency than traditional motors. The direct drive motor minimises vibration and requires no maintenance – due to the total absence of chains, pulleys, belts and gears. Not only is the mechanism simplified with fewer mechanical parts, but it also equates to less energy consumption.

Thanks to the REGEN configuration, power produced from the deceleration of the main motor is managed through an additional electronic device that supplies the main motor. This means that instead of losing that power, as normally happens in standard machines, it is saved to be reused. This function allows for the recovery of at least 25% – 30% of the energy that would otherwise be lost, which is a significant saving and excellent example of sustainability. 

The REGEN benefits are also increased when coupled with the Smart variable speed option. This increases the speed of the main motor during the idle motion of the main slide and then returns to normal speed when the slide approaches to roll a new part. Thanks to the variable speed the machine runs more total parts at the same nominal speed. 

However, a technologically advanced machine must be simple and user-friendly for the operator, so SMART has another added feature. Available today on the small/medium size machines is the new stationary die pocket, which is fully motorised. The die block utilises hydraulic clamping with five servomotors, managed by the operator panel. All settings are made by electronic handwheel from the control panel and stored thanks to the Auto Setup program for a quick set-up of pre-stored jobs. 

The matching of dies driven by servomotor is accurate and repeatable and can be implemented with the automated die match option – to make all the necessary adjustments without any manual adjustments by the operator.

A sturdy bedframe of the machine is expressly designed to roll high-tensile screws after heat treatment, as requested by many automotive manufacturers and for exotic materials, such as titanium, waspaloy and inconel for the aerospace market. To satisfy the needs of some of these specials materials the machines can be equipped with special feeding rails with induction heating units able to reach temperatures up to 600°C – 800°C.

With today’s market demands, SMART machines are Industry 4.0 capable, with the ability to collect, store and analyse – while also presenting data relevant to the machine’s performance. Parts, service and technical assistance are available from any of National Machinery or Smart Machinery’s service locations. National’s worldwide coverage also allows for assistance to customers everywhere in many different languages.


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