Würth Industrie Service wins award 22 July 2016

Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co KG was recently presented with an award from ‘Best Logistics Brand 2016’ in the category – containers and bins.

Würth Industrie Service specialises in automatic supply and logistics systems in the field of production and operating resources for industrial enterprises. As a C-parts supplier the company focuses on a clear system and product strategy, maximum customer proximity, and unwavering commitment to innovative power. Its key concern is developing customer orientated advancements in kanban supply, materials management, technical application consulting, and container logistics.

It was precisely this category, containers and bins, in which Würth Industrie Service won the second place trophy from ‘Best Logistics Brand 2016’ at an awards ceremony in Berlin, Germany.

Würth’s specially developed small bins, patented under the name W-KLT®2.0 and based on the VDA standard, are available in sizes 2115, 3215, 4115 and 4315. What makes them unique is their two position front flap, which ensures simple and secure item retrieval and maximum use of space for production and logistics. In addition, all Würth bins are equipped with a custom label and an RFID tag.

The new sustainable bin takes bin technology to the next level and integrates ecological features into the realm of C-part supply. It is the first kanban bin of its kind on the market and is made of approximately 30% organic granules. The components of the granules are extracted from sunflower seed hulls. They are manufactured in cooperation with Golden Compound GmbH, in an environmentally friendly manner using S²PC®.

S²PC stands for Sustainable Sunflower Plastic Compound, an economical plastic composite made from the fibres of sunflower seed shells. The hulls used in S²PC plastics are a byproduct of sunflower seed production and thus do not pose any competition for the food production sector.

The newly developed W-KLT®2.0 XS/S small sized bins, which are designed for lower demand, provide a link between the kanban storage location and the place of consumption. They are ideal for supplying individual workstations and are therefore suited for direct use at the respective place of consumption. The small sized bins are compatible with the previous Würth bins W-KLT®2.0, based on the VDA standard, and optimise the workflows in the production process. This does away with unnecessary walking and costly work time.
Production customers can use these innovative and patented bins to optimise their intralogistic processes as well as their space and storage utilisation. Furthermore, regular interaction with over 20,000 customers in Germany alone helps Würth Industrie Service to continually improve its systems, products and bins. Thus, the customer always receives the exact support that they need in order to concentrate on what is really important.

Würth comments: “Today, streamlined C-parts management has become an integral part of the manufacturing industry – offering flexibility, efficient processes, maximum supply security, as well enabling companies to have a targeted focus on core business.”

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