Providing full ERP integration 12 December 2022

With a world that is increasingly moving towards full automation there is a drive among businesses to integrate management systems to ease manufacturing and distribution processes. Here, OGL Software Limited explains how, with its Profit4 ERP software, it can provide automated processes to the modern business.

If a business has never used an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, it can be difficult to understand why they’re so important to most modern distributor businesses. But ERPs are key, enhancing interconnectivity by managing and integrating most business processes through a single interface. Such technology is highly convenient, instead of having to use dozens of applications each day, employees can access a single centralised and integrated system where all data and applications are located. 

The benefits ERPs bring are quite apparent. Firstly, they make businesses agile and efficient by taking away tedious data entry tasks. Every member of an organisation, from any department, can have access to relevant and ‘real time’ data.

This is the main advantage of an ERP – its ability to unite every department and build connections between them. ERPs coordinate the flow of information between departments, streamline operations and bring teams together under a single platform, thus increasing productivity and organisation. OGL offers a full service ERP, Profit4, which can unite a company’s departments, saving time and money while better organising processes and distribution. 

Keeping on top of inventory is one of the hardest things about having a business – especially given the recent issues which have faced global supply chains. Fortunately, ERPs have the ability to simplify inventory management. By centralising all business areas to one location, ERPs allow for an integrated approach to stock management. A full service ERP solution such as Profit4 will include multi-channel stock management features to ensure a company is never over or under stocked. It will also provide a multi-location view for businesses that have multiple physical warehouses and digital eCommerce platforms. 

Through an integrated ERP, orders can also be tracked and managed from a single point of sale. Profit4 equips sales teams with the necessary tools needed to close more deals. With the ability for sales reps to track a customer’s order history through a centralised software, they can offer a more personalised service to potential clients. This, combined with ‘real time’ sales performance data means sudden fluctuations in demand can be responded to quickly. 

The advantages of an integrated ERP system are apparent for most modern businesses which require effective and organised processes. With Profit4, OGL offers a solution which enables the management of all areas of business from one centralised system. 

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