OrderWise launches new Stock Consolidation module 29 January 2019

For businesses operating warehouses of any size, and dealing with large quantities of stock, it can be common to end up storing stock of the same item across multiple bins. This can be because if one bin fills up, stock will be distributed to the next free bin location – resulting in various quantities of the same stock suddenly being stored across multiple bins in the warehouse.

This results in pickers collecting stock from numerous places spread throughout the warehouse, rather than just one location. This ultimately leads to lowered productivity, reduced picking speeds and longer despatch times, as staff travel longer distances to collect stock. This inefficient way of working can then have an impact on the amount of orders leaving the warehouse and, in turn, leave a business unable to meet despatch requirements and ultimately let down valued customers.

With these scenarios in mind, Wise Software (UK) Ltd has welcomed a new Stock Consolidation module for its Mobile WMS devices. This enables users to bring back together multiple quantities of stock spread across many bins and allows these similar items to be merged back to a common location. Warehouse staff dealing with large quantities of stock will be able to simply pull and place stock from numerous locations and consolidate them back into a single empty bin, maximising order fulfilment as picks can be completed in the most accurate manner.

When placing stock, if the whole amount will not fit in a single bin then staff can edit the place quantity and request an additional location nearby. If there are no further bins where the remaining stock can be amalgamated, then stock can simply be placed in the next empty bin.

With OrderWise Stock Consolidation, businesses can reduce travel time whilst streamlining the despatch process and ensuring warehouse operations are kept running smoothly.

Meet changing circumstances with new amend shipment feature
In fast paced warehouse environments where goods are frequently being despatched, situations can arise that mean shipments may need to be altered before being sent out. There are several reasons why this might be the case, for example if one pallet gets filled up and some items need to be moved to another pallet; if a high priority order needs to be transferred to an earlier shipment; or if an order is cancelled and items need to be removed.

Without a system in place to manage these changing circumstances, businesses can encounter issues within their despatch process. Without the ability to quickly find the right shipment and easily amend the contents, despatch delays can occur whilst staff move parcels and adjust the necessary details, which means there are delays in getting orders to customers.

What’s more, if cancelled order items are shipped, businesses must carry the cost of processing the return of those items. This means if businesses are dealing with large quantities of goods including screws and bolts, the processing of these back into stock can be considerably time-consuming.

Solving this problem, OrderWise now provides greater flexibility with the ability to amend packed orders prior to shipping. This allows users to remove pallets, parcels, pack lines or even reduce the quantity of pack lines from the shipment. This not only ensures no mistakes are made but allows corrections to be made with ease, ensuring fast, accurate order fulfilment.


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