Optimising storage space 27 October 2022

Through its highly flexible Kanban system, Würth can provide an automated warehouse and production management solution, CPS® C-Product Service, which with the use of RFID technology, can execute transparent inventory overview and control.

RFID enables radio controlled data transmission directly from the customer’s production to the central warehouse of Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co KG. The small sized bins W-KLT® 2.0 S are designed with the needs of the workplace in mind and aim to ensure a more efficient process design for individual workstations. For batch traceability, the pre-picked small sized bins have an additional label, including master data such as item description, as well as their own RFID tag. This makes it possible to control consumption at the workplace and track the contents of the bins to the actual place of use. 

W-KLT® 2.0 4315 has a loading capacity of ten small sized bins and W-KLT® 2.0 4115 can store four small sized bins in total. A system administrator of Würth fills the bins in the racks directly at the customer’s location. Reordering is done automatically via RFID based Kanban processing – by placing the RFID enabled mother bin at the top level of the Kanban rack. 

In order to keep track of stock in individual bins, iSHELF® can be used. If a bin is empty, the integrated shelves directly detect it via an integrated sender receiver unit in the shelf. The shelf then reads the RFID chip and transfers the information about the empty bin directly to the in-house Kanban Management System (KMS) at Würth. 

In the near future, a customer specific label containing additional information on the customer’s storage location and rack level is also conceivable to reduce the search times on the rack. While the employees previously filled their own bins manually at the storage location, the C-parts partner will be able to provide a pre-defined quantity with the small sized bins defined as returnable packaging, thus eliminating the need to pick up bins at the customer’s site. The small sized bins are integrated into the mother bin W-KLT® 2.0 for shipping to the customer.  

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