Kardex trusted with warehouse reforms 08 February 2023

For 30 years, the family company SHAKE-HAND has focused on the distribution of standard machine parts for the mechanical engineering industry. Recently, the company turned to Kardex and reformed its warehouse space using the Kardex Compact Buffer. 

Prior to working with Kardex, SHAKE-HAND worked with static shelves in its warehouse. The manual process lacked efficiency, so two Kardex Compact Buffers were installed, which enabled SHAKE-HAND to save space and improve picking performance. Five years on, the relationship between the two companies is strong and SHAKE-HAND decided to implement further Kardex technologies. 

The recently launched version of the Kardex Compact Buffers can be up to 20 meters long and are able to optimise warehouse space from top to bottom and side to side. New and existing devices are connected to the Kardex warehouse management software, the Kardex Power Pick System, and form a fully integrated, efficient and precise intralogistics solution. 

SHAKE-HAND is using its existing devices for picking small parts, while the new, expanded devices are used for picking whole boxes and totes. The full cartons are stored in Kardex VBM boxes at two different heights. Also, the Kardex Power Pick System can consolidate picks from both the existing small parts picking zone and the full carton picking zone. Completing the intralogistics solution, Kardex also offers a global service network, including for the execution of remote services. 

“We have been working with Kardex for five years and have had excellent results with the Kardex Compact Buffer. We are very pleased with the solution and how it has met our business needs. The expanded Kardex Compact Buffer was exactly what we needed to optimise our full container picking. With dimensions of up to 20 meters long and 12 meters high, we can make optimal use of the available space and increase storage capacity,” says Niek Lerou, owner of SHAKE-HAND.  

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