iTERMINAL: Digital Kanban rack 24 June 2024

The newly developed iTERMINAL from Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co KG enables complete digitalisation of the Kanban rack, which can be accessed in ‘real time’; signals the exact location of the required item; as well as being centrally accessible on a monitor.

Currently being used by selected customers as part of a pilot phase, Würth Industrie Service points out that the iTERMINAL is a digital information board, which will allow manufacturing companies to interact quickly, easily and directly at the storage location. The system is characterised by a user-friendly interface and combines all the functions of the Kanban rack with absolute transparency. 

When used alongside iDISPLAY, Würth Industrie Service’s digital rack label, the search function is simplified. As soon as the customer selects a specific item using the search function on the monitor, the iDISPLAY at the respective storage space lights up. Both the systems communicate with each other using a wireless connection, which means that customers do not have to rely on a separate network.

Instead of initiating the search function on the monitor, there is an alternative option to use a connected barcode scanner. By scanning the barcode, it is clearly visible, on which rack level, in which bin the required product is placed. Therefore, iTERMINAL reduces the search time by avoiding unnecessary walking distances, which frees up more time for value adding activities.

Most importantly, maximum transparency is achieved with all the information about different storage locations, as well as multiple Kanban racks, available at a glance.  

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