iSCALE sensor controlled weighing bin deployed successfully 19 April 2023

The iSCALE system has been transferred from its pilot phase to regular operation, after being deployed successfully at WISAR’s Kloten site in Switzerland since August 2022 – providing uninterrupted replenishment within production supply, even amongst a turbulent supply chain.

Recent global strains have led to a greater need for reliable warehouse processes, especially in times of capacity and supply bottlenecks, combined with rising transport and energy costs. In response to this, Wyser + Anliker AG (WISAR) turned to Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co KG to connect all its processes.  

WISAR possesses a wide product range aimed at customers in the fields of installation and building services, industry and mechanical engineering, as well as telecommunications and transport technology. Though C-Parts represent a small portion of purchase volume for the company, the procurement efforts involved are high and the potential of saving time and money lies in optimising the processes. 

Over 100 sensor controlled scales were implemented in three different bin sizes at the Kloten site. At WISAR, the storage management is carried out through the traditional Kanban material storage. So, a centralised storage location with three Kanban racks ensures that the required fasteners are stored securely, as per the requirements, and are reordered accordingly. The storage locations were all adapted within two days by a team of three employees of Würth Industrie Service. 

The iSCALE system is a sensor controlled scale, which is directly connected with the Kanban bin and is independently movable. As a result, it can be used flexibly in the industrial process, be it at the assembly line, material storage, Kanban storage location or directly at the workplace. Designed for digital storage management, and uninterrupted replenishment within the production supply, the system effectively measures the weight of components before digitally notifying the requirements of production materials directly to the ERP system of Würth Industrie Service. 

Würth Industrie Service also implemented its sensor controlled weighing technology for traditional Kanban material storage, as well as for seamless supply throughout assembly lines and directly to individual assembly stations. Such flexibility is only possible as the system is operated without power and is instead controlled via the new radio technology, NB-IOT. 

The Kanban bin W-KLT®2.0, which is equipped with a sensor controlled scale, continuously checks the weight inside the bin directly at the customer’s location and transfers it via an encrypted interface to the ERP system of the C-Parts provider. Once the weight goes below a defined value, a notification is sent automatically to Würth Industrie Service, whereby the scale system automatically determines the optimal time for an order according to the requirement. Once an order is triggered, a subsequent delivery is initiated. The versatile scale system is designed for all the bin sizes of Würth Industrie Service.

“A fully automated logistical stock management replaces the cumbersome stock takings, re-orders and interim storage. As the inventory is continuously audited, any fluctuations and peaks can be identified in time, and thus the supply security can be maximised,” says Roman Anliker, general manager at Wyser + Anliker AG.  

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