Increasing sales with VECTA 09 March 2016

Here VECTA Sales Solutions Ltd explains how customer relationship management (CRM) and integrated sales analytics is the real force behind increasing sales, and what the benefits are to manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.

When any business considers implementing sales technology the sales team often has a strong voice in the process – and understandably so. Whilst successful sales management and CRM implementations are by nature multi departmental, touching every facet of the customer experience, the overriding driver is sales force automation. Typically, post-implementation of the sales department’s performance becomes the most compelling ROI.

Sales people are however notorious for their reluctance to embrace new systems, especially the archetypal CRM (regularly cited as one of the top explanations for CRM failures). Sales people tend to have their own tried and tested approach to managing sales cycles and they see little reason to change, especially if their performance is meeting company expectations. Sales and CRM technology initiatives are often viewed as a means of management control or oversight, rather than an effort to facilitate the sales process or act as an aid to increase sales success. For this reason, it’s vital to fully research and fully consider the suitability of a system as a true sales initiative – not just an IT project. In many cases demonstrating tangible growth potential to a sales team, using real customer data, has been the only way of proving the benefits in terms of their own sales targets, company growth, and essentially, the enhanced customer experience.

It has been proven that a proactive, knowledgeable sales person strengthens customer loyalty and helps to reinforce customer service excellence. If your customer knows that your salesperson is always equipped with accurate valid information and recognises what the client needs and when they need it, the customer will, by default, come to trust their judgement and may even come to rely upon it. So what’s not to like?

VECTA’s combined sales analytics and CRM enables every sale, cross sell, upsell, or competitive product replacement opportunity to be seized. In addition, leveraging valuable in-house sales data and the knowledge acquired when using the data, has been proven to drive new sales opportunities. For many businesses it has become the critical competitive differentiator – with both existing and new customers.

VECTA makes it simple to manage cross departmental sales, territories, teams, and even branch sales, by capturing every interaction with clients, utilising sales data to analyse and report on the entire sales process to ensure business decisions are always well informed.

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