Future proofing amid a pandemic 21 October 2020

With the current worldwide situation – mobile technology has never been more important. Here Dan Boulton, head of business development at Orderwise, looks at how mobile solutions have helped companies adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Covid-19 has changed the world as we once knew it and these changes have been a harsh reality for many businesses in the UK. Retailers have worried about business continuity after government regulations saw high streets shut down, while warehouse operatives worked right the way through the pandemic to keep on top of an increased demand.

Despite the difficult circumstances, the world has managed to adapt. While a new way of working will be around for quite some time, it has really hit home just how important it is to have the right technology readily available. With most people at home and brick-and-mortar stores closed, there was no other option for retailers other than to trade online. This meant demand for products and services simply moved to websites or call centres, cutting down the risk of losing business.

In warehouse operations, it was quality WMS software paired with handheld devices that saved the day. In general, these devices have various benefits for warehouse managers, staff and the wider business, but they became imperative when social distancing measures were enforced.

The warehouse isn’t a sit down environment at the quietest of times, let alone amidst a pandemic, so managers needed the flexibility to help out as much as they could. Luckily, handheld devices allowed staff to be self-efficient in assigning their own picks using pick rule technology. This helped to free up time for management, so they could take care of forward planning and precautions.

These devices also enabled warehouse managers to position their workforce across different sections of the floor, helping with social distancing rules. On top of this, individual pickers were sent groups of orders that would require specific equipment, such as a trolley, limiting the amount of hands on one piece of equipment to prevent cross-contamination.

In conclusion, having a mobile operation with the right technology is what helped many businesses get through the pandemic. If your business is taking chances with unfit technology, now is the time to invest and future-proof your operations.

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