Flexibility in automation: A new AMR line 30 April 2024

Mecalux has recently launched a new range of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) including its 3D Automated Pallet Shuttle system and its DOM software for distributed order management. 

Autonomous Mobile Robots are vehicles designed to transport loads between two points independently. They navigate the warehouse freely based on dynamic routes generated by intelligent software. This software optimises the movements of the AMRs, assigning the perfect route for each task. Through the use of state of the art sensors and scanners, AMRs are capable of identifying and evading obstacles. They can operate safely in collaborative environments alongside other machines as well as people.

Mecalux’s AMRs are highly versatile devices that integrate seamlessly into all types of warehouses, requiring neither modifications nor existing infrastructure. The series’ different models make up a versatile set that can handle a wide variety of loads, from boxes, trays, bins, totes and packages to shelving and pallets. Implementing AMRs expedites and streamlines internal flows of goods in multiple intralogistics operations, boosting warehouse productivity and efficiency. Mecalux’s latest innovation, the AMR 600, is capable of moving loads of up to 600kg.

Also new is the company’s latest innovation in integrated warehouse management software – the DOM system. This programme optimises distributed order management for omnichannel businesses with multiple logistics facilities, shops and sales channels. Equipped with the most recent developments in data analytics and Artificial Intelligence, the DOM software integrates and syncs the various supply chain stakeholders, such as warehouses, shops, marketplaces, ERP systems, 3PL providers, carriers and call centres.

Compact storage for pallets and cartons

Mecalux’s new automated high-density storage solutions for pallets and boxes, the 3D Automated Pallet Shuttle, features a multi-directional shuttle car that moves inside the storage channels and can change levels. Mecalux S.A insists it stands as the ultimate solution for achieving maximum compacting of goods, productivity and flexibility in pallet storage systems. Meanwhile, the Shuttle System streamlines the entries and exits of boxes, thus expediting order picking.  

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