Choosing pallet collars for the fastener industry 19 April 2021

Kronus Ltd – a Latvian manufacturer of pallet collars and pallets  –  states it is able to offer an alternative to existing packaging solutions in the form of pallet collars, designed specifically for storing and transporting fastener and fixing products.

When compared with traditional plastic, wooden or other packaging, Kronus says its pallet collars offer many long-term benefits. These include improved working conditions, with pallet collars easy and fast to assemble. They are also lightweight making them easy to handle and perfect for every day working. 

Pallet collars are a high-quality solution for the storage of different goods in warehouses. It is a lot easier to adjust the size and height of the packaging that is formed from pallet collars, which in some cases ensures greater product safety. Additionally, in the case of a smaller number of products, there is no need to take up spaces with a half empty box as the number of collars can be easily adjusted. 

When it comes to different packaging solutions, unloading is a critical issue and one of the factors that directly influences how workers perform. For example, if small boxes or other goods are left at the bottom of a classic wooden box, it is relatively hard to unload them. Over the long-term such movement can also cause a variety of health problems and put a lot of pressure on a worker’s back. This is also an issue of occupational safety. Pallet collars, on the other hand, can be gradually removed from the top of the packaging when they are not needed. This means quick and easy access to goods that are at the bottom of the packaging.

In addition, compared to classic solutions pallet collars can be folded when they are not in use, saving a great deal of space. It is also easy and safe to stack pallet collars, reducing the amount of space they take up when not in use. Pallet collars also optimise space in the warehouse, as well as saving space at the transportation stage – reducing costs.

Finally, the pallet collar is an environmentally friendly packaging solution made from recyclable materials using an environmentally friendly paint.

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