Fastener manufacturing and the fourth industrial revolution 04 June 2019

As fastener consumers under the influence of the ‘Amazon effect’ demand faster and more customised products, fastener manufacturers are racing to adjust to this new generation of customers by building tighter, more efficient supply chains and digitising their operations. At the same time, manufacturers are trying to minimise their environmental impact and resource usage to remain both economically competitive and environmentally sustainable.

To meet this demand, ZAGO Manufacturing Company is harnessing fourth industrial revolution technologies (4IR), also known as Advanced Manufacturing or Manufacturing 4.0. This is where cloud-based computing systems, robotics, and artificial intelligence, meld together with human intellectual and emotional intelligence to exponentially increase efficiency and precision in production.

“In order to take the greatest advantage of 4IR technologies, leaders must take a long-term strategic outlook rather than focusing on immediate impacts, cultivate a network of like-minded partners and follow a people-centered approach using 4IR technologies not to replace humans, but to enhance their capabilities through collaboration between humans and machines,” explains ZAGO. “In addition, 4IR enables sustainable manufacturing via circular economy business models such as product life extension and product as a service.”

ZAGO is not just a user and advocate of 4IR, but also a critical partner to other manufacturers and distributors in promoting product life extension by protecting sophisticated equipment from environmental incursions and protecting the environment from fluid and gas leaks from operating equipment – thanks to the wide variety of sealing fasteners it produces, including sealing screws, bolts and nuts, sealing washers and switch boots.

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