Issue: #118 July 2019


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Dealing with uncertainty 09 July 2019

After travelling around Europe and Asia over the last few months, there was one clear consensus. That there is too much uncertainty within the market – mainly due to political and economic factors outside of the fastener industry’s control.

To provide insight on the challenges, and prospects, affecting domestic markets, we invited leading fastener businesses from every European country to send their thoughts. It has led to an intriguing and thought-provoking exclusive feature.

To add to this, there is the Cover Story, which includes an article from Nord-Lock Group’s new CEO, Fredrik Meuller, who talks about how he is positioning the Group to provide even more customers with world-leading secure bolting solutions. Plus, there is an article focusing on Nord-Lock’s advanced technologies – spanning bolt securing, bolt tensioning, expansion bolts and expanding pivot pins.

During my travels, I had the pleasure of visiting Spain and sat down with the insightful Ramón Ceravalls, CEO of CELO, to discuss how the Spanish market has continued to develop after the devastating crisis of 2008/09, as well as the steps CELO has taken to keep itself at the forefront of the market.

Our Executive Editor Phil Matten also recently attended the opening of Rawlplug’s new academy training centre in Reading, UK. In addition to getting an exclusive facility preview, he also had the opportunity to have a face-to-face interview with Radoslaw Koelner, CEO of Rawlplug, to find out more about Rawlplug’s plans in its centenary year, as well as how a young boy from communist Poland had the drive and determination to become part of a heritage brand such as Rawlplug.

Other articles include a ‘Famous failures series’ from Ryan Murphy, technical director at Evolution Fasteners (UK) Ltd, with Part 1 concentrating on stress corrosion cracking; Anders Söderman, technical director at BUMAX AB, looks at how to overcome galling issues with premium stainless steel fasteners; and Jim Parsons, a fastener test engineer from the automotive industry, talks about the benefits of ultrasonic clamp load measurement.

We also focus on the latest developments within tooling, dies and punches, as well as what it takes to be a supplier to the automotive sector. Plus a whole host of other articles that will keep you up to date with all the news within the fastener and fixing industry.