Issue: 147 (May - Jun 2024)


Will Lowry Content Director t: +44 (0) 1727 743 888
Delivering quality insight 13 May 2024

After attending the wire® Düsseldorf show in April I was reminded of the importance of a global reach and delivering quality leads and business opportunities.

I am old enough to remember when the fastener machinery aspect of wire® Düsseldorf filled two halls, a far cry from the two thirds of only one hall it filled at this year’s show, with the remainder of the hall spring related technology. However, even with a smaller number of fastener related exhibitors, those that did exhibit reported a positive show – especially when it came to the international reach and the quality of the visitors.

It really does underline that there is simply no replacement for platforms that can deliver high-quality, genuine leads and business. As a magazine, with 25 years within the industry, it is the commitment to delivering valuable content to our readership and a ROI for our advertisers that continues to drive us forward.

A prime example of our ability to deliver this unique global insight is highlighted throughout the magazine, but especially in our Insight section – where we have news from the US, Japan, Germany, Italy, Ireland and the UK. Our Cover Story in this edition also focuses on ALFIRSTE, a Chinese manufacturer that specialises in the production of screws and anchors, with a reputation for its high-quality products and excellent service – with the company investing in new factories in Thailand, in order to continue to meet the needs of its customers when it comes to carbon steel products.

At the start of the Construction Fixings section, we have a thought-provoking article from Construction Fixings Europe that focuses on the planned concept and timeline for the transition from the existing Construction Products Regulation to the new version and the impact this could have on innovation within the construction sector.

Within our Manufacturing Technology section, we have an excellent feature on threading, machining and secondary operations, which highlights some of the latest machines and developments within this area. This includes how SASPI is able to constantly reengineer and update its thread rolling machines thanks to a combination of decades of know-how and its significant R&D potential; SMART Machinery talks about its innovative technological solutions and how they can be applied to thread rolling machines; Mule Technology explains how it is revolutionising thread rolling set-ups; and UTA Auto Industrial underlines how its advanced assembly machines can help optimise production processes.

Also within Manufacturing Technology, NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP reports on how it is already in the process of planning for the potential ban by the European Chemical Agency on PFAS, based on REACH, with the company using it as an opportunity to align its technical requirements on a global scale.

To add to this there is also a special Business Intelligence feature within Management + Systems that highlights some of the latest software solutions available, which can provide insight and analysis in order for companies to make more informed business decisions. Within Application Technology there is also a marine feature that looks at the challenges and solutions when it comes to fastening in marine environments.