titibi® – all in the name 25 September 2017

titibi® is an established name within the nail industry and has been manufacturing Italian quality products since 1979 – ensuring quick and reliable installations, whilst guaranteeing maximum operator safety. 

Trafilerie Chioderie Torre de Busi S.A.S is the manufacturer of the titibi range, which includes hardened steel nails, concrete nails, as well as tools and accessories – supplying customers in North America, Asia, the Middle East, as well as its main markets in Europe. 

titibi’s quality is thanks to a commitment to the highest quality materials; continuously searching for innovative technological processes; as well as the careful heat treatment and constant control of the mechanical characteristics of the finished products. 

With more than 1,000 types of nails, in different sizes, titibi is predominately known for concrete nails that offer unique capabilities. titibi concrete nails combine a high hardness (54HRC – 57HRC with tolerances for each batch of 1HRC) with an elasticity that enables the nails to be deformed at a bending angle greater than 90 degrees.
“It is very difficult to combine this hardness and bendability,” explains Morandini Ermanno, titibi general manager. “Thanks to our experience we are recognised as a specialist in concrete nails and customers trust the quality of the products and our reliable service.” 

The machines used for the titibi concrete nails production have also been designed using the experience and knowledge that has been passed down through generations. “Being a family-based company has enabled us to create a specialised production that ensures the highest quality,” points out Morandini. “Common nails are very simple to produce and there is not much difference between one factory and another. However, concrete nails can be very difficult to manufacture because they must meet very specific characteristics that are not easy to obtain. That is why we have our own bespoke machines, which have been designed using our own drawings and are not available in the market. These special machines are able to reliably produce the concrete nails to exacting standards, which is what makes us so unique.”

A drawback of being a recognised brand, that is known for its quality, is it can lead to copyright infringements and fake products entering the market. “We know there are companies in Asia and the Middle East that illegally produce under the titibi label, but they are not our products,” says Morandini. “This puts us in a very difficult situation because we have customers contacting us about poor nails, but they are not produced by us.”

“We use the correct legal avenues to stop companies, but it is a long process and difficult to enforce. We have copyrighted the titibi name, as well as the images and boxes, to try and stop counterfeiters. It is hard, but we will continue to fight for our rights and for our brand reputation.”

Morandini continues: “If a customer finds they are using titibi branded nails that are not meeting the quality standards, we ask them to contact us so we can check the quality. Every time a customer has sent us nails they were unhappy with, we have been able to prove they are not our nails, but fakes.” 

titibi can guarantee the highest quality thanks to its inspection system that can make four dimensional checks for up to 720 pieces per minute. “The high-quality and reliability of our nails is how we have built our brand to what it is today,” mentions Morandini. “Our nails are used all around the world and can be used in automatic systems, so it is vital every nail is of the highest quality. Otherwise the production lines stop, which can be very expensive for our customers.”

A key factor in titibi’s growth has been its commitment to targeting new customers and new markets. titibi exhibits around the world at exhibitions including The Big 5 in Dubai, EISENWARENMESSE in Köln, Germany, and Fastener Fair Stuttgart. “Europe is a very important market, but there is also the North African market, which is a growing market and very interesting. There is also the Middle East, plus many other countries that we supply,” comments Morandini. “Over recent years we have increased our exports so that they now stand at over 85%, which has been a big effort from our team. Our flexibility and ability to customise the products has been a big advantage as customers like the service we can provide.”

Through innovation, the plan is to grow the titibi range even further. “Innovation is very important, as it enables you to find new opportunities and new markets,” concludes Morandini. “Being a manufacturer gives us a lot of opportunities to innovate and we are always looking to introduce new products, as well as improve our production as market demand increases. We have some ideas for products that would be completely new to the market, but we will keep them a secret… for now.” 


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