TECNOLOGIC 3® – growth and innovation 19 September 2016

Innovation and environmental impact have always been at the heart of TECNOLOGIC 3® Srl’s strategy, together with involving the client as a matter of course and an obsessive attention to quality.

Born in the east of Milan at the end of the 1980s, the company’s growth over the years has been slow but persistent. TECNOLOGIC 3® manufactures and applies innovative systems for the locking of threaded parts. The company attracts the loyalty of major clients in Italy and the approval of large automotive manufacturers, always offering innovative products with unique zharacteristics, in terms of output and performance.

Water-based and non-solvent-based solutions have been a key to this success. The special advantage of TECNOLOGIC 3 is that it applies its own products using machines designed and built in-house, which it says is a unique and a winning formula.

“Synergy between the various departments, product mixing and preparation, application, as well as logistics and staff service, is all embracing and supported by a slick and adaptable structure,” explains TECHNOLOGIC 3.

Now, after almost 30 years, the company is still led and managed by siblings Angelo, Nadia, Caterina and Marco with the same passion and attention to its clients and innovative spirit as always. The application lines are in continuous development and the market segments are not limited solely to the automotive industry but also extend to other major reference markets.

TECNOLOGIC 3 points out that all its products and application machines are protected by sound national and international patents, and the know-how it has been built up over the years is an important guarantee for clients of the company’s problem solving capabilities, efficiency and ability to deliver on time.

Constant investment over the years has enabled TECNOLOGIC 3 not only to grow and create value for its clients, but also to acquire a strong sensitivity to and awareness of developments in the major markets abroad.

The second chapter of the company’s story is about to start: International development and a business model exclusively dedicated to the markets outside of Italy. This is the new challenge that TECNOLOGIC 3 has set itself with the creation of partnerships and commercial agreements in the major world markets.

Participation in Fastener Fair Italy 2016 shows the company’s new commitment and renewed ambitions for growth. 


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