pgb-Polska – a year of growth 29 November 2021

In 2017 pgb-Polska moved to a 10,000m2 purpose-built site in Zabrze, Poland, with a plan to grow steadily. Four years later, the company is now nearing the completion of an additional 3,200m2 building on the site – after doubling turnover, expanding its export markets, as well as increasing stock.

Pgb-Polska’s new extension will enable the company to improve its logistics, by shortening the internal logistic flow, and achieve a fully automated packaging process. Krzysztof Biskup, vice-president and general manager at pgb-Polska explains: “When we first moved to Zabrze we expected to be settled here for a good number of years. However, as we started to see a growth in sales, we decided along with our mother company – pgb-Europe N.V based in Belgium – that it was necessary to increase our production capacity, increase our stock levels, and ultimately automate our packaging processes to increase our efficiency.” 

Further investments in its production facility will see the company increase its production capacity by 30%, as well as extend its range of products. pgb-Polska specialises in the development and production of high-quality and ETA certified nylon anchors from multifunctional nylon plugs (such as the XUP), frame fixings (RPT) to insulation fixings (IPH). Besides plastic fixings, the full range of SMART® anchors also include mechanical and chemical anchors. Recently pgb also added its own designed option 7 wedge anchor S-TB7 to its product range.

“pgb has earned its place on the market with high-quality brands. We take the time to work with our customers to identify changing habits in the construction market to recognise new applications, as well as improve and develop these products to provide better and stronger solutions,” commented Johannes Heye, board member at pgb-Europe. 

This year also saw pgb-Polska switch software systems – to a new SAP ERP and Dynaman WMS, in-line with pgb-Europe. “pgb-Europe has always been ‘one step ahead’ when it comes to digitisation – and this is something we are keen to implement at pgb-Polska too. Back in 1997, when pgb-Europe first moved to its Belgium headquarters, it implemented a paperless warehouse straightaway – when most companies were only beginning to think about digitisation,” commented Johannes. “pgb-Europe started first with the combined SAP and Dynaman platforms in Belgium, then implemented them in Poland to give a consistency throughout our companies. Digitisation has never been more important in the fastener industry and I strongly believe that if it wasn’t for our digital commitments within both companies we would be looking at the past 18 months very differently.”  

Johannes continues: “It’s important to stay ‘one step ahead’ and recognise it’s not just about the price or the quality of the product. Our customers expect more. We have to make sure we are offering added services such as EDI solutions, lot traceability, tracked deliveries, as well as technical assistance. We are committed to creating a digital synergy for our customers with state of the art technology – not just providing high-quality fixings.”

“This investment is a reaction to the current situation we’re facing in the market,” adds Krzysztof. “There’s challenges with containers, freight, supply chains, as well as raw material supply, but that is no reason to stop investing – if anything it is a motivation to adapt and put the facilities in place in order to guarantee the supply of our products for our customers.” 

Guaranteeing supply is also possible due to the close working relationship pgb-Polska has with pgb-Europe. “If at any time we had a stock shortage in Poland, we are able to check the stock in the Belgium warehouse. We are able to react quickly and effectively, which is a great benefit to our customers. It does not matter if the products are shipped from our warehouse in Poland or the headquarters in Belgium, all products adhere to the same level of quality and, due to a large stock, we can deliver our goods in short notice. We are two solid companies with very strong teams – making pgb a solid and trustworthy partner in the fixings industry.”

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