No such standard as DIN 9250 19 September 2023

Ensuring that products meet required DIN and ISO standards is part of every fastener manufacturer’s responsibility. However, it can prove difficult to achieve if the DIN standard being requested by customers does not exist – such as DIN 9250.

SCHNORR® is a washer manufacturer committed to meeting the very highest quality standards and requirements, with it establishing a leading range of disc springs, washers, load washers, as well as stamped, moulded and fine-blanked parts. However, when it received an enquiry from a customer for a safety washer according to DIN 9250 it faced an issue. 

“There is no DIN 9250 standard, it just does not exist,” states Benjamin Buchfink, marketing coordinator at SCHNORR® GmbH. “As an experienced and knowledgeable washer manufacturer, we are well aware of all the standards related to washer products and DIN 9250 is just not one of them. No matter where you look when it comes to official DIN standards there is no listing or mention of DIN 9250. We replied to the customer and explained that the standard did not exist and if they had any details associated with it then to let us know, but of course they did not have anything – as there is nothing.”

Since then, SCHNORR® has been receiving more and more enquiries from customers requesting the DIN 9250 standard and each time the company explains that it is not a real standard and there are not details associated to DIN 9250. “At SCHNORR® we take quality standards very seriously and ensure our products meet all requirements, including vibration tests, as well as DIN 25201 and DIN 65151 where necessary,” points out Benjamin. “In addition, we regularly carry out internal tests throughout our production process to ensure consistent and reliable production. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we have also established our own in-house standard that is continuously updated to ensure the highest quality products.”

This commitment to quality is underlined by the range of products SCHNORR® is able to supply, including the original SCHNORR® safety washers, which were developed as a reliable and economic bolt locking device – with the basic principle of a disc spring. This ingenious form combines the advantage of security through friction and mechanical locking. 

“The original SCHNORR® safety washers are now used worldwide where secure fastening connections, to counter the effect of vibration, are required,” points out Benjamin. “The SCHNORR® safety washers take the form of a disc spring but with a trapezoidal cross-section and serrations on both sides. The outer diameter is matched to the head diameter of the pan head and socket head cap screws. Due to the conical form, optimal traction is achieved at the highest positive locking – due to the helical gearing.”

The SCHNORR® safety washers are available in two versions – the standard safety washer type S is available for screws of sizes M1.6 to M36 and of the property classes up to 8.8. For screws of property Classes 8.8 and 10.9, higher pretension forces might be necessary, which is covered by the reinforced washer type VS.  

SCHNORR® is also able to supply a wide range of other products, including DIN load washers according to DIN 6796, as well as HS washers – which are load washers with a smaller outer diameter, plus a wide variety of disc springs according to DIN – available in special measurements and materials, as well as a selection of wave springs and other springs manufactured according to drawings or by working closely with customers’ engineers to meet specific needs.

“Thanks to our wide product range, and commitment to the very highest quality, we have been able to establish ourselves on the global market and can support customers through our subsidiaries based all around the world, including the United States, Mexico, South Korea, China, Italy, Spain, France and now a new subsidiary in Austria. Plus, we have 18 exclusive sales partners for other countries,” mentions Benjamin. “Regardless of where our customers are based, we provide the same high-quality products, service and support and ensure that our customers are purchasing the right types of products to existing and correct DIN standards.”

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