Logistics of the future from Dresselhaus 29 November 2023

To prevent delays or interruptions in the production of complex and cost intensive products, production lines have to respond to changes quickly. The DIREKT RFID Kanban system from Dresselhaus is a smart solution that synthesises state of the art technology and the time proven Kanban principle. 

In combination with other systems, the DIREKTblack unit from Dresselhaus offers comprehensive sustainable logistics concepts for the industrial and retail sectors. The modular DIREKT RFID Kanban system helps enterprises to achieve maximum efficiency in their intralogistics processes, therefore eliminating bottlenecks. The flexibility of the scalable system also allows adaptation to individual customer preferences or changing production requirements. Typical applications apply to the automotive sector, but the versatility of the DIREKT RFID Kanban system makes it an ideal solution for faster intralogistics processes in numerous other industries as well.

The DIREKT RFID Kanban system from Dresselhaus expands the time proven Kanban principle through the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology for all integrated modules. This allows full automation and optimisation of virtually all intralogistics processes. “In addition to reduced costs, the Dresselhaus system also offers numerous other benefits,” explains Stephan Pertschy, chief sales and marketing officer (CSMO) at Joseph Dresselhaus GmbH & Co KG. “All orders and replenishment requests are transparent at all times; the extensive automation reduces the load on employees, especially in times of high order frequency; and on-time replenishment of the supply of DIN and standard parts guarantees uninterrupted production.”

The modules and their functions

The basic unit of the DIREKT RFID Kanban system comprises the DIREKTunit with RFID pads, the DIREKTbin and the DIREKTlabels – with the DIREKTcontroller as an interface. The C-parts are held in this so-called RFID station until they are needed in production. Each bin motion is monitored by software and documented in the Dresselhaus DIREKTportal. The customer therefore continuously receives information online about the status of their system, including ‘real time’ visualisation of the storage location. This data is used for planning the required items, optimisation of inventories and updating statistical data. The items are dispatched and delivered to the production line ‘Just In Time’.

RFID boxes for empty DIREKTbins, RFID shelf pads and RFID scanners are available for material requirement planning. The scanners use a passive RFID transponder to identify the bins, after which the data is transmitted to the Dresselhaus ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This means that each container automatically initiates the replenishment of supplies. The supply of parts is also automatically adjusted if production is reduced or interrupted. Dresselhaus highlights that this method optimises ordering processes, prevents unnecessary stockpiling, reduces costly production space and lowers operating costs.

DIREKTweightsystem IoT small and large

A typical example of a DIREKTmodule based on an RFID station is the DIREKTweightsystem IoT. The weighing cells integrated in the DIREKT RFID Kanban system monitor the fill level and the corresponding alarms if defined fill levels are exceeded. Two sizes are available, a compact weighing system with a footprint of only 13cm x 17cm for small load carriers and a weighing system for large items the size of a pallet. Even the compact DIREKTweightsystem small can handle loads of up to 40kg and features variable storage space sizes by combining several weighing units. For heavier loads, the DIREKTweightsystem large is designed for loads up to 1.5 tonnes. It can be accessed by pallet trucks for changing pallets and can be used in high-bay warehouses without difficulty. 

Both variants are supplied with long-lasting batteries (about two years), which indicate their charge state in time for replacement. The DIREKTweightsystem IoT also features an autonomous Cloud gateway for encrypted data transmission. It is designed for wireless transmission of exact stock levels to within a few grams over a range of 200 metres – without physical checkpoints. No manual actuation, touchscreens, connectors, buttons or local IT integration is necessary.

Continuous development for diverse capabilities

The modular DIREKT system from Dresselhaus is continuously being improved with the addition of new features:

  • The DIREKTweightsystem initiates a fully automated order process if the weight drops below a defined value. An LED indicates the status of the order and delivery process.
  • Alternatively, the DIREKTbutton with an integrated RFID transponder can be used to initiate an order. This option is suitable for items without an RFID label, which are stored separately on shelves since they are too big to fit in the standard bins.
  • The DIREKTglove, which is equipped with an integrated scanner, is connected to a mobile reader system. With each motion of the hand, it reads the DIREKTlabels and transmits the data to the Dresselhaus ERP system, which makes it ideal for fast and efficient recording of incoming goods.

Other new DIREKT modules

A new feature is the DIREKTpostbox for material requirement planning. The DIREKTlabels of the removed articles are scanned here, and the demand transmitted to the ERP appears on the touchscreen. The DIREKTpostbox is ideal for high volume handling. The DIREKTbox, on the other hand, holds up to 100 empty DIREKTbins and forwards the scanned data. Designed for convenient handling, it requires no special local installation. It is available in two versions: DIREKTbox steel and the lightweight DIREKTbox carbon. The DIREKTcontroller 10 inch – with a 10 inch touchscreen – has been added to the existing product range of DIREKTcontrollers with a 7 inch and 15 inch display. The DIREKTlamp with long-life LEDs and an optional motion detector provides clarity. In addition, the new DIREKTrocker, DIREKTslide and DIREKTsep provide for even more transparency and convenience of handling, thus speeding up the material requirement planning process.

A full range supplier for industry and retail

The interaction of the components makes the DIREKT RFID Kanban system the ideal solution for intralogistics of the future in diverse
industries – and not just for DIN and standard parts. Since October 2023, Dresselhaus has added more than 40,000 products and assortments to its industrial and retail product range. These include numerous tools, consumables, chemical products, work safety and clothing items, and much more. 

“In this way, we are developing from a C-parts specialist to a full service supplier for industry and commerce, to meet increasing customer requirements for complete solutions from a single source,” mentions Stephan.

Seamless integration of this product diversity in the DIREKT RFID Kanban system is achieved with the DIREKTblack unit, which simplifies the storage of DIN and standard parts, fastening materials and consumables of all types.

Perfect organisation with DIREKTblack

The DIREKTblack unit is available for diverse skilled trades and industries, facilitating a more efficient work day. Dwindling or missing articles can be ordered immediately by scanning their barcode with a handheld scanner or an end device with the Dresselhaus value added App installed.

Everything needed during the work day in industrial and skilled trade companies can be stored in the DIREKTblack unit: DIN and standard parts, as well as consumables such as technical sprays, adhesives and sealants in cartridges, fastening materials of all types, in addition to typical
items needed in the shop – tools, safety gloves and goggles, for instance. 

The system is designed for organised storage, so the items are ready to hand at all times. That is especially advantageous in the case of ‘small parts’, which have to be stored separately until they are needed, with no risk of being confused with similar items.

Designed for integration in the DIREKT RFID Kanban system

Each product is provided with a value added label that is designed for effortless removal from the package, so that it can be affixed to the corresponding storage space on the shelf. This not only ensures transparency in the labelling of the shelves, it also facilitates fast and convenient reordering of products online by scanning the barcode on the label – either with the DIREKTbarcodescanner or the Dresselhaus App. A pictogram on the value added sticker shows the user the product stored at each location. Equipped with these innovative functions as standard features, the DIREKTblack unit fits perfectly in the DIREKT RFID Kanban system. It also works and is available as a standalone solution.

The intelligent, space-saving design of the DIREKTblack unit ensures optimal utilisation of the available space. The shelf system is made of robust and durable steel elements and is designed for fast and easy assembly. The jet black surface (RAL 9005) that gives the system its name provides long-term protection of the steel construction; hides any signs of wear; and creates a professional clean cut image for use in public areas, such as retail outlets.

Modular concept with four basic variants

Four pre-configured towers serve as the basis for optimal planning of an individual system, typically with four base elements. From bottom to top, the floor module for stability, followed by three additional modules on top, building upward – standard part modules, drawer modules (also made of Plexiglas), as well as bins, as cabinets or for storing cans. Optionally, an advertising sign can be placed on the top module, if the DIREKTblack unit is to be used in areas with public access or otherwise as an advertising or image carrier.

“In addition to the four basic variants, customers can also plan an individual DIREKTblack unit completely according to their preferences –
the number and diversity of available modules and additions is huge,” points out Stephan. “An option for accessing a planning tool with the Dresselhaus App is also in preparation and will make selecting the desired configuration more convenient and transparent.”

Current versions, prefilled for different industries

It is also possible to receive professionally pre-configured variants, tailored to the requirements of the particular industry, with Dresselhaus taking care of everything, including delivery and assembly. The DIREKTblack unit DINO, for example, is available filled with DIN and standard parts – the basic Dresselhaus products, such as metric screws, nuts, washers, lock washers and more. There is also the DIREKTblack unit DACH, which is specially configured for roofers and contains typical items such as sheet metal screws, construction screws and universal screws from the Dresselhaus range. Here again, value added stickers with barcodes enable fast reordering, also with the Dresselhaus App, to ensure optimally organised inventory.  





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