INDEX Fixing Systems 04 February 2020

A review and preview of the global fastener market

Named after the Roman god who is often depicted as having two faces – due to its ability to look to the future and to the past – the Janus Perspective is a unique feature that includes a wide cross section of global fastener business leaders, who have all contributed their retrospective of 2019 and thoughts on prospects and challenges for 2020.

Óscar Cañas, export manager

In a context where economic trends have been marked by the global trade wars and the still unresolved terms of BREXIT, ‘caution’ has been the word that best describes markets and investments all along 2019.

As a result, at INDEX Fixing Systems, as well as in the industry in general, we were confronted with the need to explore new markets and sales channels, but also to rely on products with an added value; and, above all, to focus on meeting customer needs with innovation, more complex products and an overall service.

It is no secret that shifting markets pose challenges to all industries, which have to satisfy customer demands that are increasingly complex and more global every day. As a result, fixing producers and distributors need to invest in skills and creativity, which allow them to rapidly meet customers’ ever-changing demands.

Industry seeks today, more than ever, partners who can supply excellent products that come along with a warranted global service. This need can only be met with high-quality standards, a wide range of products, and an excellent service in all senses. That is why, as producers and in our search for excellence, at INDEX Fixing Systems we have long been betting on quality products, as certified by worldwide prestigious institutions that guarantee the very highest-quality standards.

New players in the market, and new sales channels opened by technology and digital innovations, are a constant in today’s economy. This means that, in order to keep up and to stand out in the manufacturing context, a very strict production management is needed. These high requirements need to be combined, at the same time, with enough flexibility so as to be able to quickly adapt to emerging needs that are posed by clients, channels and markets.

As a result, the fixing industry will have to work with a greater amount of creativity and will have to do so hand in hand with clients. At INDEX Fixing Systems we are convinced that customised products and services will be key in the near future, and they can only be developed if fixing systems suppliers are able to build a close and clear customer relationship. To do this you not only need highly developed tools and technology, but also a team that is highly prepared and committed to meeting customer needs. In a changing context, clients must be placed at the centre of all production processes. It is the only possible way to keep up to date with industry demands.

I am confident about the market’s performance in 2020. As a European company, BREXIT and trade tensions with the US will very likely continue to be big themes in the global economy, and their impact on industries is very hard to foresee. However, at INDEX Fixing Systems we are sure that flexibility, investments and hard work will, as ever, be a good asset to deal with whatever uncertainty the future will bring.


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