Heller Premium Tools – quality and innovation 04 December 2019

For over 170 years, the brand Heller has been inextricably linked with outstanding drilling tools – ‘Made in Germany’. Today, Heller offers drill bits for use in countless materials and as a consequence, the product portfolio now includes chisels, diamond tools, jig and reciprocating saw blades, circular saw blades, bits and oscillating tools.

With the ‘Made in Germany’ label, Heller Tools GmbH is committed to delivering premium products in order to meet and exceed the highest customer expectations. Since 2014, Heller has been a member of the Serafin Group that has invested heavily in services and production to offer the best customer experience. In addition to the product development, branding, sales, and IT infrastructure, Heller is also focusing on modern and efficient production facilities.

Whilst Heller is a German company, it has a global approach. Today, its sales outside Germany account for more than 75% of its total turnover. However, Germany – with its world leading standards – is still Heller’s largest single market and many ideas for innovation come from the work with customers, retailers and end users on construction sites.

In the future, Heller will be focusing on its strength as a provider of professional tools and the best services for customers and professional users. This will be visible to the outside world firstly through the newly designed company logo with the brand claim: ‘Premium Tools’, which describes Heller’s self-image. “We are a provider of innovative product solutions used by professional users. Our aim is to supply the user with the best tools across the entire product range of the Heller brand with which they can complete their task simply, quickly and accurately,” says Kay Jungblut, marketing director at Heller. “The segment ‘drill bits’ will remain a core competence of Heller and will be enriched by further product groups. For the future, the company will also extend its existing portfolio with adjacent product segments – offering users clear added value and further strengthening the cooperation with the specialist trade.”

An important component of Heller’s DNA is internal and external communication and corporate culture. “As a medium-sized company, we focus on close, cooperative relationships with employees, customers, and business partners, and attach importance to personal contact. This is why we have decided to show this new approach in our communication and are now relaunching the brand,” Jungblut describes.

The revised Heller logo is characterised by modernity and clarity in structure, which emphasises the essential components. “It can be used flexibly and is excellently recognisable, especially in digital media. The logo and claim reflects the core message of the brand strategy clearly and in a nutshell, without the need for further explanation: ‘Heller – Premium Tools’.”

The logo embodies the most visible change that goes along with Heller’s brand relaunch. The declared goal of the company, which has around 150 highly skilled and experienced employees, is to provide the user with quality tools. “Heller products give the professional user the good feeling of working with the best tools for power tools – regardless of which machine or brand is used,” explains Jungblut.

The claim to be ‘premium’ is not only limited to the product range. Heller is a close and reliable partner of the specialist trade, which the company supports with a strong range of services. Currently, digital topics are playing an increasingly important role. For example, the Heller website has developed into a central digital platform that offers both the retailer and the user valuable information such as an exclusive application wizard, a knowledge database, Heller TV and a closed retailer area. Heller will continue to expand the digital area in the future and thus pursue the service concept consistently and sustainably.

The same applies to the analogue world: Heller supports retailers at the point of sale with individually configurable product presentation systems, pre-assembled modules and attractive secondary placements with high space profitability. In addition, the company is strengthening retail sales with special sales campaigns. In the Heller Training Academy, Heller also educates its customers in the characteristics and use of its products.

In summary, the world is becoming more and more digital, which on the one hand results in great challenges. On the other hand, digitisation also offers great potential for success. That is why Heller is already placing a strong focus on digital services today and will continue to expand this area in the future. At the same time, the company continues to support its customers with its proven ‘offline’ offerings, which support sales at the POS in particular. With all these services, leading product performance, and the dedication to continuous investments in a market environment that is predicted to grow in the next years, Heller is looking strong and set-up well for a positive future.



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