Having a blast with AGTOS 08 December 2023

AGTOS is an expert in shot blasting technology with the company able to supply customers with technologically advanced, long-term efficient solutions.

Thanks to a combination of experience in the blasting process, along with the technical possibilities available through new opportunities and innovation, AGTOS is able to supply a range of concepts and systems for surface treatment, including its popular turbine wheel shot blasting machines, which were developed in-house. 

“Our core product is the turbine wheel blast machines, with our overall concept and service including the logistics from the previous process levels to the blast machine and from the blasting process to the following stations,” explains AGTOS GmbH. “Sales and technology also work very closely together at our company, which is why we always offer very practical concepts. In addition, we have developed an internal quality management system that enables us to meet the high standards required by customers. Having invested in both production capacity and processes, we are well equipped for further organic growth.”

In recent years AGTOS has also been able to deliver very effective and economical solutions for the surface treatment of fasteners. “Our type of drum blast machine is predestined for fasteners,” states AGTOS. “It requires little space and can be set-up as a standalone machine or in a line. Our customers are impressed at how short the process time is and how good the results are. In addition, spare and wear parts need to be changed much less frequently than with comparable machines.”

Other developments at AGTOS include expanding the production capacity of its plant, as well as equipping both its sites with the same ERP system. “Both these steps had a decisive influence on our flexibility and capacity,” explains AGTOS. “Customers benefit from both shortened and improved delivery times, as well as leaner and streamlined production processes, which provide us with cost savings that are then passed
onto customers.”

Another key service that AGTOS provides its customers is after sales support. “We always ensure that a close exchange takes place during the project phase, with customers receiving intensive support during the first few weeks,” points out AGTOS. “Even after the official acceptance and commissioning of the machines, the close partnership continues. This can include close-meshed, regular inspections to remote monitoring of the machines via VGA. In addition, service calls can be planned, accompanied or controlled via the service App. Plus, our Smart Monitoring offers the possibility to collect the process data of the machines, which can be processed and used for analyses and predictive maintenance.”

AGTOS believes that the combination of its experience in the blasting process and new technical possibilities offered by things such as digitalisation, enables its customers to get the perfect machinery – supported by a compact service and support. “We believe that well trained employees and modern production equipment are essential for delivering good products,” concludes AGTOS. “Our customers expect high 24/7 performance from their machines and that is what they get by working with us.”  



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